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  • Jelle Atema, Professor of Biology
     Sensory biology, chemical signals, receptor physiology, animal behavior, behavioral ecology,
    chemical ecology, biomimetic robotics
  • Michael J. Baum, Professor of Biology
     Behavioral neuroendocrinology, neurobiology
  • Gary Benson, Associate Professor of Biology and Bioinformatics
    Algorithm development for DNA sequence analysis
  • Cynthia Bradham, Assistant Professor of Biology
    Developmental biology; embryonic pattern formation; systems biology
  • Peter Buston, Assistant Professor of Biology 
     Animal behavior, behavioral ecology, population ecology, evolutionary ecology, marine ecology and
    biological oceanography
  • Gloria V. Callard, Professor of Biology
    Neuroendocrinology, reproductive and developmental endocrinology, estrogen biosynthesis, estrogen
    receptor mediated actions and gene regulation, environmental endocrine disruption
  • John L. Celenza, Associate Professor of Biology
    Plant development, defense, and metabolism; genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology
  • Elizabeth Co, Lecturer
    Science education, human immunology and reproduction
  • Geoffrey M. Cooper, Professor of Biology
    Cancer, programmed cell death, signal transduction, gene expression
  • Alberto Cruz-Martin, Assisant Professor of Biology
  • Ian Davison, Assistant Professor of Biology
    Cortical sensory processing; learning and information storage in neural circuits
  • Vincent Dionne, Professor of Biology
    Sensory biology: olfaction, pain
  • William D. Eldred, Professor of Biology
    Visual neurobiology and traumatic brain injury
  • John Finnerty, Associate Professor of Biology
    Evolution of development, developmental genetics, phylogenetics, evolutionary genomics, invertebrate
    zoology; coral conservation
  • Adrien Finzi, Professor of Biology
    Forest ecology and biogeochemistry
  • Horacio Frydman, Assistant Professor of Biology
    Host-microbe interactions at the molecular, cellular and organismal level; mechanisms of bacterial
     transmission through stem-cell niche infection
  • Wally Fulweiler, Associate Professor of Biology and Earth and Environment
    Biogeochemistry and Marine Ecology
  • Tim Gardner, Assistant Professor of Biology
    Neural circuits and their development – vocal learning in songbirds
  • Jeffrey Gavornik, Assistant Professor of Biology
    Cortical circuits, synaptic plasticity as the basis of learning and memory, the neural representation and
      processing of time, the biophysical basis of visual perception
  • Thomas Gilmore, Professor of Biology
    Molecular biology, cell biology, signal transduction, cancer, molecular ecology
  • Ulla Hansen, Professor of Biology
    Cancer, cell cycle, gene expression regulation, cell signaling, proliferation, cell survival, transcriptional
  • Robert E. Hausman, Professor of Biology
    Cell-cell interactions, cell adhesion complexes, contact-mediated regulation of gene expression
  • Angela Ho, Assistant Professor of Biology
    Molecular and cellular basis of synaptic function in neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative disease
  • Les Kaufman, Professor of Biology
    Marine biology, evolutionary ecology, and conservation biology
  • Sir Hans Kornberg, University Professor and Professor of Biology
    Nature and regulation of carbohydrate transport in micro-organisms
  • Jen-Wei Lin, Associate Professor of Biology
    Electrophysiology and molecular mechanisms of secretion
  • Phillip S. Lobel, Professor of Biology
    Ichthyology; behavioral ecology and taxonomy of fishes
  • Edward L. Loechler, Professor of Biology
    Molecular biology; mechanisms by which carcinogens cause mutations and cancer
  • Hengye Man, Associate Professor of Biology
    Synaptic plasticity, glutamate receptors, protein trafficking, axon growth and neuron polarization,
     bioenergetics, neurodegenerative disorders and neuronal death
  • Kim McCall, Professor of Biology
    Drosophila developmental biology, cell death, oogenesis
  • Francis Monette, Professor of Biology
    Cell biology; stem cells; molecular control of the eukaryotic cell cycle
  • Sean P. Mullen, Assistant Professor of Biology
    Adaptation and speciation; hybrid zones; the evolution of mimicry and wing pattern variation in
     butterflies; evolutionary genetics; comparative and population genomics; bioinformatics
  • Francisco J. Naya, Associate Professor of Biology
    Cardiac development and disease, muscle regeneration, muscular dystrophy, mouse developmental
     biology, gene regulation
  • Richard B. Primack, Professor of Biology
    Plant population biology; impact of climate change on plants and birds; tropical forests; conservation
     biology; rare plant species
  • Shelley J. Russek, Professor of Pharmacology and Biology
  • Chris Schneider, Associate Professor of Biology
    Ecology, evolution and adaptive diversification of reptiles and amphibians; systematics; population and
    comparative genomics; tropical biology and conservation
  • Daniel Segrè, Associate Professor of Biology and Bioinformatics
    Systems biology, evolution of biochemical networks, genomics, metabolic engineering, microbial
  • Trevor W. Siggers, Assistant Professor of Biology
    Systems biology of the immune and inflammatory systems, biochemistry, genomics, gene regulation
  • Michael D. Sorenson, Professor and Chair of Biology
    Avian behavioral ecology, speciation, population genomics, and molecular systematics
  • Kathryn Spilios, Lecturer
    Science education and entomology
  • Nathan L. Stewart, Lecturer
  • Jennifer Talbot, Assistant Professor of Biology
     Microbial Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem Science
  • Pamela Templer, Associate Professor of Biology
    Plant and microbial ecosystem ecology; biogeochemistry
  • Dean R. Tolan, Professor of Biology
     Biochemistry, enzymology, molecular and human genetics of enzymes in sugar metabolism
  • James F. A. Traniello, Professor of Biology
    Behavior, ecology and evolution of social insects; neuroethology; social brain evolution; behavioral
     development and senescence; evolution of division of labor
  • Karen Warkentin, Associate Professor of Biology
    Phenotypic plasticity; behavior; integrative biology of early life stages; hatching; vibrational information;
     amphibians; sex, gender and sexuality
  • Fred Wasserman, Associate Professor of Biology
     Animal behavior, bird song, territoriality
  • David J. Waxman, Professor of Biology
    Genomic regulatory mechanisms; molecular endocrinology and cell signaling; angiogenesis and
     immune system in cancer therapy; environmental chemical epigenetics; bioinformatics
  • Eric Widmaier, Professor of Biology
    Molecular and endocrine control of body weight; endocrinology and metabolism

Research Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

  • Doug Zook, Boston University School of Education Associate Professor of Education

Emeritus Faculty