2018 Biology Department Undergraduate Research Awards

Please join us in congratulating the three winners of the 2018 Biology Department Undergraduate Research Awards: Milad Babaei, Linnea Smith, and Rebekah Zhang! Milad Babaei performed research with the Gilmore lab on CRISPR-based targeting of the NEMO adapter protein for tissue-specific inactivation of NF-kB signaling. Linnea Smith performed research with the Primack... More

Rebecca Branconi Receives the Thomas H. Kunz Award

PhD candidate, Rebecca Branconi, of the Buston Lab was the recent recipient of the Thomas H. Kunz Award for 2018. Rebecca's research focuses on reassessing a classic question in evolutionary biology - why has sociality evolved? Her research combines descriptive and experimental work to test how different factors, ecological and social constraints... More

Graduate Students Awarded Warren-Mcleod Fellowships

Congratulations to the 2018 winners of the Warren-McLeod Graduate Fellowships! Recipient of the full year Warren-McLeod Fellowship: Tina Barbasch - Biology PhD candidate in the Buston lab | Negotiations Over Offspring Care: A Test of Alternative Hypothesis Using the Clown Anemonefish Recipients of the summer Warren-McLeod Fellowships: Emily Chua - Earth & Environment... More