Neurobiology Dissertations


  • Brett DiBenedictis
    Odor hedonics: processiong of male phermones in the female mouse brain
    Advisor: Baum


  • Jan Joseph Blom
    Characterization of the nitric oxide and adrenomedullin signaling pathways in normal and diabetic mouse retina.
    Advisor: Eldred
  • Jeremy Charles Chaufty
    Protein sorting and trafficking by neuronal adaptor proteins: Characterization of a conserved dendritic targeting motif on Kv4 channels and endocytic sorting of amyloid precursor protein by Mint2/X11L.
    Advisor: Ho
  • Yongwoo Shin
    Modeling energy and charge transports in pi-conjugated systems.
    Advisor: Lin
  • Christine Marie Snyder
    Wnt signaling in skeletal muscle regeneration is modulated by a MEF2A-regulated miRNA mega-cluster.
    Advisor: Naya


  • Ningdong Kang
    An anatomical pathway between the murine olfactory system and the medial amygdala and its role in conveying information about sex.
    Advisor: Baum


  • Minh-Ha Thi Lieu
    Light-dependent subcellular translocation of TRPL channels and of an eye-specific protein, RP2-36, in Drosophila photoreceptors.
    Advisor: Tsunoda
  • Parthena D. Sanxaridis
    Rhabdomeric localization and membrane dynamics of signaling components in Drosophila photoreceptor cells.
    Advisor: Tsunoda
  • Angela M. Seliga
    Mating-induced changes in signal transduction in limbic regions of female rats.
    Advisors: Erskine, Widmaier
  • Heather Jane Yu
    Vocal initiation in Xenopus laevis (the African clawed frog); A role for serotonin.
    Advisor: Yamaguchi


  • Thomas J. Giove
    Characterization of neuronal nitric oxide synthase in the mouse retina under normal and early diabetic conditions.
    Advisor: Eldred
  • Kristine L. Martel
    Functional interaction of the main and accessory olfactory systems in mice.
    Advisor: Baum
  • Joseph Glenn Oberlander
    Neural plasticity in response to mating stimulation in the female rat: Amygdalar AMPA receptor modulation in the establishment of pseudopregnancy.
    Advisor: Baum, Erskine
  • Nicolas Pirez
    In vivo control of olfactory receptor neuron input to the olfactory bulb by presynaptic inhibition.
    Advisor: Wachowiak
  • Winnie W. Pong
    Hydrogen sulfide as a gaseous neuromodulator in the retina.
    Advisor: Eldred
  • Daniel Wayne Wesson
    Sniffing and olfactory receptor neuron activation in the behaving rodent.
    Advisor: Wachowiak