Biology Major Guidelines

The worksheets below should be used as a guide for students to help plan their semesters at BU. The University Bulletin is another great resource that lists the requirements for each major. For any additional questions regarding the biology major (or specializations), please contact your Biology faculty advisor or the Undergraduate Programs Specialist, Stacy Straaberg Finfrock.

These forms are also available in the main Biology office at 5 Cummington Mall, Room 101.

Minor in Biology

A minor in biology requires five courses in biology, including BI 107 and BI 108. A student must choose three additional courses acceptable toward the biology major. For additional information on the Minor in Biology, please see the Undergraduate Bulletin.


Extra Help

Students who need extra help in any course should first contact their professor directly. Additionally, the Educational Resource Center (ERC) offers peer tutoring for a range of subjects.


Need an Advisor?

Check the Student Link to see if you have been assigned to a Biology faculty advisor. This information can be found under the “Academic Summary” tab. If you do not have one, contact Portia Ross.

Please include the following in your email:

  • Full name
  • BU ID
  • Preferred advisor

Note: Advisors are assigned according to your major.