CAS Students:
Non-CAS Students:
Please review the CAS requirements for transferring credits. Please check with your college and review their Bulletin page on transfer credit policies.

  • Current students can check for transfer course equivalencies here. (Prospective students can check here.)
  • If your proposed course is listed, you will receive the stated course equivalency after you take these steps:
    • CAS Students: fill out the Transfer Credit Pre-Screening form. Non-CAS students: check with your college.
    • Successfully pass the course per college guidelines.
    • Have the institution mail your official transcript to your college. CAS students mail to: CAS Advising at 100 Bay State Road, Room 401 Boston, MA 02215.
  • If your course is not on the above transfer equivalency website, go to the Next Steps section below.

  1. Fill out the Transfer Course Equivalency Form.
  2. Submit a FULL course syllabus, including the weekly lecture topics covered and textbook information. If the course has a lab, you must also submit a FULL lab syllabus including the weekly lab topics covered and lab manual information.
  3. Drop off your documents in the main Biology office located at 5 Cummington Mall, Room 101. You may also email your materials to the Biology Program Coordinator Diana Hughes.
  4. When an evaluation has been made, you will be contacted. Please allow up to three weeks for this process.
  • Submitting a course description will NOT be sufficient and will NOT be reviewed. You may need to contact the professor directly to obtain a copy of the syllabus.
  • Non-biology courses should be submitted to the appropriate departments. For example, math courses should be submitted to the Math Department.

  • Review the Abroad website link, “Receiving Credits,” for detailed instructions on how to transfer credits from your study abroad program.
  • To get Biology credit for a completed BU study abroad course, use the Department Petition on the Biology Forms webpage.

If you feel there has been a mistake in the evaluation of your transfer course, fill out the Transfer Credit Appeal Form. Submit the form and the course syllabus to the appropriate BU department.

Please note: Transfer course evaluations are carefully considered. Your appeal may be denied if the original evaluation is found to be accurate in regards to the course’s topics and level.