PhD student Shaikhah Alshuaib of the Lin Lab recently received a Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) PhD Supplementary Grant. The grant supports highly motivated researchers from Kuwait who are obtaining their PhD, and provides funds for research projects that are STEM-related.

Shaikhah plans to use the funds from the grant to better characterize the effects of ultrasounds on neuronal synapses. The Lin Lab has previously shown that ultrasounds can modulate membrane potential in crayfish motor axons. However, a question remains whether these effects are due to modulating biochemical processes involved in vesicle recycling and endocytosis. Shaikhah plans to further investigate this hypothesis using FM dyes and imaging techniques along with electrophysiological methods. This grant will enable her to employ new technology to better characterize this mechanism.

Congratulations, Shaikhah!

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