Photo credit: James Garner; Also pictured: John Majoris


Robin Francis of the Buston Lab is this year’s recipient of the Thomas H. Kunz Award. Robin has general interests in marine metapopulation ecology and conservation biology, and specific interests in plasticity of larval dispersal and its effects on population connectivity of reef fishes. The aim of her current research is to conduct an experimental investigation of plasticity of larval dispersal in response to parental environment in a marine fish. She will tackle this objective using a captive population of clownfish in a lab experiment as well as using a wild population in Papua New Guinea in a field experiment. Her goal is for results from these studies to deepen the understanding of the causes of variation in patterns of larval dispersal, which has important implications for conservation and fisheries management.

This award provides support for Ecology, Behavior & Evolution (EBE) PhD candidates who have completed the qualifying exam, with a preference for those conducting field research in the award year. The award was established in 2015 in recognition and appreciation of Professor Thomas H. Kunz’s mentorship. His current and former graduate students established this award to serve as a lasting legacy of Tom’s contributions at BU and beyond. Learn more about Dr. Kunz and how you can support this award.

Congratulations, Robin!

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