Photo from BU today: [Biology’s] Tara Miller gathered data on wildlife health this summer as an intern in the Adirondacks. Portrait by Jackie Ricciardi. Photo of the Adirondack mountains by Robert Cicchetti/iStock

The BU Graduate Program in Urban Biogeoscience and Environmental Health was featured in BU Today. BU URBAN is an NSF-funded research traineeship (NRT) that trains PhD students in Biogeoscience, Environmental Health, and Statistics to address urban environmental challenges.

Biology PhD students Tara Miller and Jenna Rindy are program trainees. Biology’s Dr. Pamela Templer serves as the program director; other Biology faculty who participate in BU URBAN include: Dr. Jennifer Bhatnagar, Dr. Adrien Finzi, Dr. Richard Primack, and Dr. Randi Rotjan. Congratulations to all involved!

The full article can be read here.