Los Secretos del Yasuní

Professor Kelly Swing, the director of BU’s Ecuador Tropical Ecology Program, has co-authored a new Spanish language text. This compilation covers research that has been carried out at the Tiputini Biodiversity Station (facilities that would not have existed without the dedicated interventions of Tom Kunz) in the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve of Amazonian Ecuador over the last couple of decades. Sponsored by the German government as part of broad conservation efforts, its design is intended to be accessible for those with limited educational opportunities in remote areas. In its 360 pages, an abundance of scientific information is accompanied by about 300 color photographs that give a cursory, practical introduction to the park’s biota. The hope is that the contribution will be valuable for everyone, from community leaders as they confront challenges for development as the oil industry widens its reach in eastern Ecuador, to the young who desire to become eco-guides as part of a broader sustainable strategy as well as all who would speak out for the maintenance of this unique ecosystem.

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