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New lung cancer study in the journal Nature co-authored by Josh Campbell

Joshua Campbell (PhD, ’12) and other researchers from the TCGA Researcher Network have co-authored a study published in the journal Nature. “Comprehensive Molecular Profiling of Lung Adenocarcinoma,” has been gaining a lot of attention this week. As the Analysis Coordinator, Dr. Campbell was a primary contributor to the study.  He is currently a postdoctoral fellow in Mathew Meyerson’s  lab at the Broad Institute. Dr. Meyerson, also at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, is the lead investigators on the project.

Annual Bioinformatics BBQ

The annual Bioinformatics BBQ is being held on the COM Lawn this Friday, July 11th at 1 PM.

Evan Johnson and his team are mentioned in a recent article on Big Data.

Prof. Evan Johnson and his team at the BU School of Medicine are mentioned in a recent article on Big Data in Science.

An Explosion of Bioinformatics Careers

Vincent Fusaro, PhD 2009,was interviewed for the article “An Explosion of Bioinformatics Careers” in Science.

VIDEO from the Segrè lab in Cell Reports

Watch Prof. Daniel Segrè’s video describing the dynamics of microbial communities in Cell Reports.


Congratulations to Chetanya Pandya!


Chetanya is the very first recipient of the Charles DeLisi Doctoral Dissertation Award.  This award will be presented annually to the author of the best doctoral dissertation in the Bioinformatics Program.  It was named after the founder of the Graduate Program in Bioinformatics, and is made possible by a generous gift from Prof. DeLisi.


Evan Appleton’s New Paper in Nature Methods

Evan Appleton’s work with Doug Densmore’s group in CIDAR (Cross-Disciplinary Integration of Design Automation Research) has been published in the current issue of Nature Methods.  Read it here: Interactive assembly algorithms for molecular cloning.  The paper has been blogged about by Nicole Rusk, and is also featured in the current issue of Nature, in a special synthetic biology section. Great work Evan!

BU Bioinformatics Admissions and Recruitment Reception

June 3, 2014  from  4:30 – 7 pm

LSEB Lobby – Life Science and Engineering Building –  24 Cummington Mall

An opportunity for prospective students to learn about the MS and PhD Programs in Bioinformatics, as well as our new MS Program, focusing on bioinformatics for translational medicine.

We will have faculty, students and staff available for informal discussions about our research, PhD fellowships, MS scholarships, curricula and the admissions process.

Who Should Attend?

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that draws from biology, systems engineering
, chemistry, genetics/genomics
, physics, mathematics/statistics and computer science, among others.  Students with a strong background in either the biological or computational sciences are encouraged to attend.

BU Bioinformatics is committed to supporting highly qualified women, racial and ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, and other individuals who are underrepresented in STEM. Several travel grants are available for students to travel to Boston to learn about our Program.

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Just In: Cell Reports Paper From The Segrè Lab

Read about the dynamics of microbial communities, Metabolic Resource Allocation in Individual Microbes Determines Ecosystem Interactions and Spatial Dynamics, was just published online in Cell Reports.   The Segrè lab project includes collaborators from Chris Marx’s Lab, as well as alumni, faculty and students from @BUBioinfo.