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Boston University Graduate Program in Bioinformatics

Advisor: Professor Daniel Segre

  • David Byrne
  • Hsuan-Chao Chiu
  • Lina Faller
  • Niels Klitgord
  • Varun Mazumdar
  • Bill Riehl

Advisor: Professor Yu “Brandon” Xia

  • Eric Franzosa

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Institute of Biochemistry, Computational Systems
Biochemistry Group, Berlin

  • Jessica Ahmed – Poster: Design and Analysis of Fragments for Drug Discovery
  • Raphael Bauer – Oral Presentation: LaJolla: n-gram based detection of structural RNA features
  • Stefan Günther
  • Marc Hovestädt – Poster: Analysis of degradation of support fixed peptides by the 20S proteasome
  • Anja Karlstädt – Poster
  • Matthias König – Poster: Constructing kinetic model of the hepatocyte core metabolism
  • Robert Lehmann – Oral Presentation: Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of the Human Apoptosis Signal Transduction Network. Abstract.
  • Robert Preissner – Poster
  • Joachim von Eichborn – Oral Presentation: A knowledge-based approach for predicting protein interaction sites

Freie Universität Berlin, Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Macromolecular Modelling Group, Berlin

  • Özgür Demir – Poster: Kinase-specific phosphorylation sites predicted with linear scoring functions
  • Aysam Gürler – Oral Presentation: Detection of non-sequential structural analogs
  • Stefan Günther
  • Walter Knapp – Poster
  • Florian Krull – Oral Presentation: Scoring geometries of protein-protein complexes. Abstract.

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institute for Theoretical Biology, Berlin

  • Ilka Axmann – Oral Presentation: Evolution and function of circadian clock proteins: lessons from bacteria
  • Martina Fröhlich – Poster: Modeling of water reabsorption through AQP2 regulation
  • Susanne Gerber – Poster: Spatial modeling of cation homeostasis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Edda Klipp – Poster
  • Yuehien Lee – Oral Presentation: Promoter analysis of genes involved in T-helper cell fate decisions and lineage maintenance. Abstract.
  • Thomas Spießer – Oral Presentation: Is DNA Replication Rate Independent of Sequence Composition or Length in Budding Yeast? Abstract.

Kyoto University Bioinformatics Center

  • J.B. Brown – Poster: New kernel methods embedded with electrostatic potential for compound analysis
  • David Du Verle – Oral Presentation: CaMPDB: a resource for calpain and modulatory proteolysis. Abstract.
  • Timothy Hancock – Oral Presentation: Active Pathway Identification and Classification with Probabilistic Ensembles
  • Masahiro Hattori – Poster: Analysis of conserved physicochemical patterns of enzymatic reactions and their ligands
  • Motoki Shiga – Oral Presentation: Annotating Gene Functions with Integrative Spectral Clustering on Microarray Expressions and Sequences. Abstract.
  • Daichi Shigemizu – Oral Presentation: Analysis of Chemical Modification Patterns Extracted from KEGG Drug Structure Maps. Abstract.
  • Masataka Takarabe – Oral Presentation: Characterization and classification of adverse drug interactions. Abstract.
  • Takeyuki Tamura – Poster: Minimum Reaction Cuts of Metabolic Networks Under a Boolean Model
  • Michihiro Tanaka – Oral Presentation: Analysis of lipid biosynthesis protein families and phospholipid structural variations. Abstract.
  • Toshiaki Tokimatsu – Poster: Estimating the connectivity in secondary metabolite groups

Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Computational Systems Biology Group, Berlin

  • Nils Christian – Oral Presentation: TBA Network based function discrimination
  • Christian Diener – Poster: Gradient Sensing in the Yeast Pheromone Response
  • Heike Hameister – Poster: PCNA acts as a central switchboard during DNA replication and repair
  • Clemens Kühn – Oral Presentation: Investigation of Osmoadaptation in yeast. Abstract.
  • Xiaoging Li – Poster: Structural and kinetic analysis of circadian oscillators
  • Katrin Tirok – Poster: Modeling photosynthetic electron transport and its adaptability
  • Christian Waltermann – Oral Presentation: Crosstalk in signaling pathways in budding yeast

Max-Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Mathematical Cell Physiology, Berlin

  • Martin Falcke – Poster
  • Jonas Maaskola – Oral Presentation: Composition & dynamics of small RNA in C. elegans embryogenesis & development. Abstract.
  • Thomas Schendel – Oral Presentation: Modelling the Ca2+-dynamics in Cardiac Myocytes. Abstract.
  • Bianca Sprincenatu – Oral Presentation: Modelling cAMP and IP3 signalling pathways and their interactions. Abstract.
  • Juliane Zimmermann – Poster: Modelling Actin-based Cellular Motility. Abstract.

Rutgers University

Advisor: Professor Gyan Bhanot

University of Tokyo

  • Seiya Imoto – Poster: Unraveling dynamics of biological networks towards domputational drug target discovery
  • Kaname Kojima – Oral Presentation: A state space representation of VAR models with sparse learning for dynamic gene networks. Abstract.
  • Satoru Miyano – Poster: Cell Illustrator Online and dynamic pathway databases
  • Atsushi Niida – Oral Presentation: Expression module networks in various types of cancers. Abstract.
  • Ritsuko Onuki – Oral Presentation: New kernel methods for phenotype prediction from genotype data. Abstract.
  • Tetsuo Shibuya – Poster: Faster structural pattern matching algorithms
  • Matsuyuki Shirota – Oral Presentation: Development of a meta-score to assess the quality of protein model. Abstract.
  • Yoshiaki Tanaka – Oral Presentation: An assessment of prediction algorithms for nucleosome positioning. Abstract.
  • Rui Yamaguchi – Poster: Exploration of systems changes in gene regulations from time-course gene expression data