Satellite meeting

In an attempt to draw consensus about some of the burning issues regarding research in Bilingual aphasia, Lorraine Obler and Swathi Kiran held a satellite meeting on 26th October 2009.  Researchers from various countries participated in the meeting. Renowned speakers presented their data followed by a discussion by the panel of participants.

Yasmeen Faroqi-Shah, Mira Goral,  Nina Dronkers, MJ Taintourier, Susan Edwards, Anthony Kong and Brian McWhinney talked about issues relating to

(a) selection and description of bilingual aphasic patients,

(b) methodological issues such as characterizing language use, proficiency, dominance and preference,

(c) assessment and diagnosis of bilingual aphasia and

(d) treatment options for patients with bilingual aphasia.

The meeting was a huge success and the talks of the speakers can be found by clicking their respective names below

Nina Dronkers

Susan Edwards

Yasmeen Faroqi-Shah

Mira Goral

Anthono Kong

MJ Taintourier

Brian McWhinny

Swathi Kiran