You might be able to bike the whole way to work, part of the way, or to get to meetings. No matter what, we have resources to support you. Let us know if we’re missing something!


Want to bike, walk or run to BU but worried about getting sweaty on the way? No problem! BU employees have access to free showers at several locations on campus:

  • Track and Tennis Center, 100 Ashford Street – locker rooms are to the left when you enter – show your BU ID and let the attendant know you are a bike/walk/run commuter
  • 25 Buick Street – first floor near Accounts Payable department
  • Yawkey Student Center, 100 Bay State Road – basement level near Facilities

Don’t forget, you can also use the showers at FitRec with your membership!

Bike Parking

If you bring your own bike to campus, you need to know where to park it. There are around 2,400 bike parking spaces all over campus which you can find on BU Maps. Worried about leaving your bike outside? There are indoor locations around campus like the Warren Towers and CILSE bike rooms. We can help you identify other options based on your work location.

Tire Pumps and Repair Stations

When you need some air (in your tires) or minor DIY maintenance, we can help. There is a tire pump and repair station in the Warren Towers bike room, and we are adding more around campus. Contact us to find a tire pump, repair station or patch kit near you!


Program temporarily suspended due to COVID.

We want you to be safe! Anyone who incorporates bicycling into their commute to BU and needs* a helmet is welcome to pick one up for free from either of these locations:

  • Office of Judicial Affairs, 25 Buick Street
  • Parking & Transportation Services, 1019 Commonwealth Avenue

Both offices are open weekdays 9am to 5pm. Just bring your BU ID and let us know how your bike commute is going.

*Do you need a helmet? If you bike to BU and don’t have a helmet, if yours is more than three years old or has sustained an impact, then YES, you need a new helmet!

Discounted Bluebikes memberships

Boston University students, faculty, and staff are eligible for a discounted annual Bluebikes membership of only $52.50 – this allows you unlimited free rides (up to 45 minutes), and with over 1,800 bikes throughout Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville, this can be a great addition to your commute or bike to meetings. You can use Bluebikes for the entire trip or pick up a bike near your transit stop.

Get physically and mentally prepared

If you need to build up to a bike commute, check out the supportive Employee Wellness programs offered by FitRec; you might find a workshop or training program that will help address your concerns. If you think your only option is to bike on busy main streets, you may be very surprised to learn about alternatives. Tell us where your commute begins and ends, and we can provide suggestions on routes that involve less or no vehicle traffic.

Bike Safety Classes

For tips on safe cycling in the city, maintaining your bike, becoming a year-round bike commuters, or learning to fix a flat tire, check our website for classes throughout the year, and let us know if there is a particular topic you’d like us to cover.

Combine Your Options

Think you have to fully commit to bicycling, walking, running or taking transit for your commute? You might get the best of all worlds by combining your options into multi-modal travel. Here are a few ideas:

Park&Pedal – a great program that identifies Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) locations where you can park your car – for FREE – and then bike (or walk or run) the remaining few miles to your office. Some Park&Pedal lots are even located near Hubway stations so you don’t have to bring your own bike. Check out the map of Park&Pedal locations, and let us know how we can help you figure out a good plan.

Pedal & Park – rather than drive and bike, you can bike and take transit. The MBTA has installed cages for more secure bike parking at several commuter rail and subway stations, so you can bike to the station instead of driving or using additional transit services – visit their site for all the locations and to register your CharlieCard for free access to these bike cages.

Bikes on the T – why leave your bike behind if you could take it with you? The MBTA allows cyclists to bring bikes on the subway and commuter rail outside of peak travel time (except the Green Line); folding bikes are allowed anytime when they are folded up. Almost all MBTA buses are also now equipped with bike racks, a great option for surprises like a sudden change in weather or a flat tire, or if there are parts of your route that aren’t great for cycling.

Personalized Assistance – Does the idea of putting bikes on buses and combining driving and bicycling seem like too much? Don’t be nervous, just let us know how we can help you!


Abandoned Bikes

Have you seen the same bike locked to the same rack, day after day, rusting into the ground or slowly being cannibalized for parts? Let us know! We’ll try to identify the owner and begin the process of removing the bike to free up space for other cyclists. Report abandoned and damaged bikes here!