Parking & Transportation Services (PTS) administers an online bicycle registration program to support, promote, and increase awareness about this important transportation option. Registration is open to all members of the Boston University community and includes numerous benefits, like:

  • Allowing the Boston University Police Department to use bicycle registration data to contact the owners of recovered bicycles (e.g., those that are lost or stolen)
  • Allowing PTS to inform bicycle owners of projects and activities that may significantly affect their bicycle commutes or parking options
  • Allowing PTS to properly assign card-swipe access to its restricted on-campus bicycle parking locations

To register your bicycle, please click here. Kerberos username and password required.

While you can register your bicycle at any time, we strongly encourage our community members to take immediate advantage of this free online service!

Registrants will receive a permit to place on the frame of their bicycle.

Registrants will receive a permit to place on the frame of their bicycle.

As the University’s bicycle safety program expands, new benefits may be added that are likely to include discounts at local bicycle retailers, access to indoor / covered bike parking areas, and opportunities to participate with other BU community cyclists in various bicycle events.

Members of the Boston University bicycle community who choose not to register their bicycles online may do so in person at Parking & Transportation Services.