BU Today: Initial Impressions of the Hubway

September 13th, 2011 in Bicycle Safety

Anyone navigating Commonwealth Avenue knows it’s a circus. Cars, trucks, bikes, trolleys, and pedestrians barrel along and skitter across the four-lane divided avenue that is the pulsing artery of the Charles River Campus.

So it seems counterintuitive to add one more element to that mix. But, voilà: New Balance Hubway. Launched at the end of July, Boston’s new bike-share program is already being hailed as a success, with 2,600 members and 600 bikes at 53 stations around the city. Three of those stations are along Comm Ave, with another in South Campus and one on the Medical Campus. (An additional eight stations are planned in Boston, with more to come in Cambridge, Somerville, and Jamaica Plain.) more…

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