Winter 2019, Volume 7, Issue 1

Hotels, Training

The Necessity of Error Management Training in the Hospitality Industry

Priyanko Guchait

Trends, Hotels

Green Hotels: An Overview

Minu Agarwal, Prashant Das


Panacea or peril? The implications of Neolocalism as a more intrusive form of tourism

Makarand Mody, Kyle Koslowsky

Restaurants, Marketing

How Can Single-Unit Restaurants Strive for Powerful Online Presence?

Leora Lanz, Jenna Berry


Why Hoteliers Stay and Go: Future Oriented Thinking

Sean McGinley

Service Recovery

Failure is Not Fatal: Actionable Insights on Service Failure and Recovery for the Hospitality Industry

Lisa Wan, Elisa Chan


A Detailed Study of the Expected and Actual Use of Hotel Amenities

Chekitan Dev, Prateek Kumar