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Boston Healing Landscape Project

Originally inspired by the Pluralism Project developed by Diana L. Eck at Harvard University to study and document the growing religious diversity of the United States, the Boston Healing Landscape Project, located in the Department of Pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine, represents a complementary sister initiative to examine how, over the past thirty years, the medical landscape of the U.S. has changed in corresponding ways. This richly textured world of healing represents the new face of culturally and religiously grounded complementary and alternative medicine in America. It confronts the medical community with the challenge of shaping a positive response to the multiple approaches to healing being pursued by patients and their families.
African Diaspora Faces and Africa
New Section Announcement

We at the Boston Healing Landscape Project are pleased to announce our new Islam and Health section, developed by Dr. Lance Laird.  This section was developed for healthcare providers, to address the specific needs and backgrounds of different Muslim communities. It includes a general background and guide, bibliography, references, and links to more in-depth and helpful information.
African Diaspora Faces and Africa

For a report about our project, see www.fordfound.org

Listening to Obatalá
by Christopher Reardon

Traditional healers in Boston have been finding acceptance where they least expected it: among doctors and scholars at one of the city's finest teaching hospitals.

Newspaper graphic linking to the Boston Globe's Continuing Medical Education Article

BHLP Article in the Boston University Bridge: "MED Program Trains Culturally Competent Physicians"
by Tim Stoddard

The Bridge is BU's weekly community newspaper. The story is available on-line by clicking the above link or the BU Bridge icon.

Boston University Bridge Icon

Boston Globe's article on BHLP's Herbal Tour CME Class: "Crossing the border"
by Monica Rhor, Globe Staff

The article outlines the success of the BHLP-affiliated "Cultural Uses of Herbs in Latino and Hatian Communities" CME class. Additional information on the course is available here.

Newspaper graphic linking to the Boston Globe's Continuing Medical Education Article
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