This links directly to an article on theMYSTICA.com providing background about the history and practice of Vodou in Haiti.

www.themystica.com - article

An overview site produced by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. The site provides brief explanations of key terms and practices. The link goes directly to the Vodou page, but there is a great deal to explore.

www.religioustolerance.com - overview

Fowler Museum of Cultural History
An exhibit of "Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou," at the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History.

www.fcmh.ucla.edu - exhibit

American Museum of Natural History
The online companion to the exhibit of "Sacred Arts of Haitian Vodou," at the American Museum of Natural History, this site contains background about the history of Haiti, the roots, rituals, and spirits of Vodou, and also about the "tools of worship."

www.amnh.org - vodou exhibit site

The Temple of Yehwe
"The Temple of Yehwe is an offshoot of Le Peristyle de Mariani ...[and is]dedicated to the understanding and to the promotion of Vodoun as the Religion and the Culture of the Haitian people." This site contains a great deal of information about the herbs used in Vodou including a directory of them categorized in French, Creole,and by scientific name. There are also articles submitted by visitors to the site.


Vodoun Culture
The site of "Vodoun Culture," with useful explanations, images, and links under the following headings: "Pantheon, Songs, Dances, Language, Veves, Map of Haiti."

Voudon Culture - a practitioner's site

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