African Religious/Spiritual Traditions

Traditional African Religions and Spiritualities

Africa Online
This index page leads the user to a variety of topics including
(for example):
  • Kemetic - 23 links
  • African Traditional Religions
  • Dahomean Vodoun
  • Shona and Ndebele Religions
  • Ancestors as Elders in Africa - Traditional African Spirituality

African Art and Healing

Bayly Museum
This site presents images from an exhibit at the University of Virgina's Bayly Museum: "African Art: Aesthetic and Meaning." Many of the pieces are directly associated with healing. - exhibit

Research Guides

African Traditional & Derived Religions: A Research Guide
This site is a useful reference guide to researching these traditions. Some of the sources listed are located in the Holy Cross library system, which is not accessible to all users. Nevertheless, the site provides titles which the user may be able to locate in other libraries. It also provides many useful web links. - library guide

Regional specifics related to cultural/religious traditions of Africa

Africa Online
This is an index site of religion as it pertains to specific countries including:

  • Angola - 2 links
  • Ghana - 2 links
  • Kenya - 6 links
  • Malawi - 2 links
  • Mauritius - 2 links
  • Mozambique - 1 link
  • Rwanda - 2 links
  • South Africa - 17 links
  • Zambia - 1 link
  • Zimbabwe - 2 links
The site also provides links on the following topics:
  • African Traditional Religions - 25 links
  • Christian Churches - 3 links
  • Islam - 8 links

Practitioner's Page
This site presents West African Vodoun as represented by Mamaissii Vivian Dansi Hounon. It provides information on Dahomean culture of the Ewe/Fon, images of the Vodou (spirits), articles, bibliographies on West African Vodou, and links.

Africans in the New World

Africans in the New World
This site provides a brief overview, and a review of other sites addressing the following topics:
  • Yoruba history and culture
  • Kongo religion and its influence on certain faiths of other countries
  • Art and altars of Africa and the African Americans
  • Candomble
  • Orishas

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