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The Scholars Program: 2001-2002

Through its funding from the Ford Foundation, during 2001 and 2002, BHLP supported the work of four to six graduate student researchers each year. The members of the research team came from graduate schools throughout Boston and represented such disciplines as anthropology, religious studies, and public health.

The program provided training in developing a project proposal to be submitted to the Institutional Review Board, the ethics committee at Boston University School of Medicine. The summer involved an intensive internship, during which the team members engaged in fieldwork. During the fall, they analyzed their data and developed presentations for community, academic, and medical audiences. The teaching team provided mentoring in proposal development, urban ethnographic fieldwork, data analysis, the preparation of conference-quality presentations, and writing for publication.

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The Projects

Each project had to focus on any of the following:

1) a particular African Diaspora community
2) a particular religious/healing tradition
3) a particular issue or health condition, as defined
    within specific community(ies).

Because we are based in the Department of Pediatrics, the project had to, in some way, involve children and/or adolescents. This involvement could focus on the experiences of children and/or adolescents themselves, or on practices chosen by family members in the pursuit of healing for children and/or adolescents.

We also foregrounded issues of race, class, and gender, as primary categories of analysis. The projects had to represent topics with a potential for introducing and supporting change in the provision and practice of health care.

Each researcher was assigned three mentors: a member of the community in which s/he was working, an academic who specialized in the study of the particular topic, and a physician who worked with the particular patient community and/or who focused his/her work on the topic chosen by the researcher. The three mentors helped the researcher throughout the year.

2002 Topics

Meanings of "Sadness" and the Use of Religious Beliefs and Practices by Brazilian Women in the Boston Area

Religion and Resilience: Perceptions of, and Responses to Conflict by Boston's Haitian Adolescents and Young Adults

Spiritual Beliefs as Source of Healing among Southern Sudanese in Boston

2001 Topics

Spiritual Beliefs and Religious and Cultural Practices of Haitian Women in Relation to Maternity

Botánicas of Boston and Community Healing Centers

Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth of Color: Qualitative Insights into Intersections of Race, Religion, and Sexual Orientation

Hip-Hop Culture as a Factor in the Identity of African American Adolescent Girls and Young Women

Childhood Asthma in the African Diaspora Healing Systems



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