Boston University Medical Campus, Boston University, and the City of Boston

Boston has long been recognized as one of the leading health care centers of the world. Boston University Medical Center, located on the Boston University medical campus in the South End of Boston, forms a semiautonomous but integral part of the University. It consolidates the resources and activities of the School of Medicine, School of Public Health, the Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Boston Medical Center, and a host of different Research Centers. The Biosquare Discovery and Innovation Center houses specialized research facilities. The Charles River Campus of Boston University is home to the school's humanities and social sciences programs.

Boston is rich in history, old-world charm, and modern vitality. Home to more than 60 colleges and universities, it is an intellectual and cultural center diverse in its people and stimulating in its opportunities, yet relaxed and accessible. Boston is the largest city in New England and the site of many significant events in early American Colonial and Revolutionary history. Much of that early flavor remains today in its cobbled streets, in its historic landmarks that bring alive Paul Revere's ride and the Boston Tea Party, and in the Federalist row houses on Beacon Hill. A historic seaport that grew to prominence in the days of the China trade and the whaling industry, the City maintains a thriving and picturesque waterfront.

Boston is also a major multicultural center. In addition to the historic minority communities, many of the New American communities are located within easy distance of the BUSM campus, and are represented through such programs as the Museum of African American History and Black Heritage Trail, the China in Boston project, the Mayor's Office of New Bostonians, Boston at the Crossroads, and many others.