Frequently Asked Questions
Courses in Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice:
For Charles River Campus Students

FAQ for Charles River Campus students (PDF)
FAQ about these courses for BUSM students (PDF)
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Dr. Linda Barnes ( 617-414-4534
Dr. Lance Laird ( 617-414-3660

I'm an undergraduate. Can I take these courses?
Yes you can. It is true that these are masters-level courses, but if you’re a go-getting undergrad you shouldn’t have any trouble. Many students at the Sargeant College, for example, take other masters-level courses in the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences. Some take masters-level courses at the School of Public Health. Our courses are no more difficult.

You’re welcome to contact one of the faculty, too, if you’d like to talk further about the work that is involved for each course.

Why should I sign up for a course on the medical campus?
Many CRC students never find their way over to the medical campus, but now there’s a whole new reason to go! The program in Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice was designed in close collaboration with CRC departments like Anthropology, Religion, and Sociology. It complements the course offerings for each of these programs. We also have strong connections with the Sargeant College and with the Pre-Medical Studies program.

If you are interested in the cross-cultural study of medicine and healing, we have courses for you! If you are interested in the study of religion and healing, you’ll want to look at our courses, too. We're one of the only programs in the country that has this particular combination of offerings, so we hope you’ll take advantage of them!

How do I get to the medical campus?
It couldn’t be easier. The B.U.S. runs regularly and directly over to the medical campus. For maps and schedules go to: It takes between 20 minutes and half an hour, and it’s a good time to catch up on a little reading!

If I’m a student on the Charles River Campus, how do I register for classes in the Medical Anthropology program?
The way things are set up on both campuses you still have to cross-register for these classes on the medical campus. But it’s a lot simpler than you may think! In fact, it’s just three easy steps.

    1. Contact the Course Instructor
    Let the course instructor know ahead of time that you plan to come over to register (our email addresses are: and That way, we can arrange to sign off on the forms so you don’t have to make a second trip. It will also give you a chance to meet your instructor, talk with him or her about the course, and discuss your interests! We’ll look forward to meeting you.

    2. Get the Registration Form
    When you get off the B.U.S. at the corner of Albany Street and East Concord, you cross Albany and cut through the campus, to go to the B.U. School of Medicine Instructional Building. Here is a map:


    Go into the Instructional Building, walk to the right of the guard desk and keep going a short ways till you see elevators. Go to the third floor, and when you get out of the elevator, look to your left. You’ll see an exit sign. Opposite the sign, there’s a corridor into Graduate Medical Sciences.

    You’ll go down the corridor to GMS. The main office is on your right. When you’re there, ask to speak with the Registrar, Ms. Millie Agosto. Explain that you want to cross register for one of our courses. If you need a fourth credit (explained below), be sure to ask her also for a directed study form.

    3. Completing and Turning in the Registration Form
    Since you will have planned with the instructor how to get their signature, we won’t try to detail that part here. But as soon as you do get the signature, you can turn the form back in to the GMS Registrar. You’re all set!

What if I don’t have time to get over to the medical campus to pre-register?
You can wait to register until the classes start in the Fall. If you do this, though, please be sure to let the professor know you’re planning to take the course! Otherwise, if it looks like there aren’t enough students signed up, the course you want could get cancelled. The faculty to contact are: Dr. Linda Barnes ( and Dr. Lance Laird ( You would then come to the medical campus a little early, pick up the necessary cross-registration forms from the registrar at Graduate Medical Sciences, and have the course professor sign off on them after the first class.

The courses are listed as giving 3 credits, but I need 4. What do I do?
Many courses in Graduate Medical Sciences award either 2 or 3 credits, which is different from the Charles River Campus, where courses are usually 4-credit. We have a simple solution, however. When you pick up the cross-registration form, be sure to ask Ms. Millie Agosto, the GMS Registrar, for a second form to sign up for an additional 1-credit Directed Study with the course instructor. We know, we know—it’s kind of a clunky solution, but that way you won’t run short on the credits you need.

Suppose I want a Medical Anthropology course to count for my major. Can I do this?
This is done on a case-by-case basis, but again is straightforward. You would go through your advisor by submitting a simple petition (we’ll have samples you can use).

Any other questions?
Check in with one of the course faculty and we’ll be glad to respond to your questions.

Dr. Linda Barnes ( 617-414-4534
Dr. Lance Laird ( 617-414-3660