Frequently Asked Questions
Courses in Medical Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Practice:
For BUSM Students

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Dr. Linda Barnes ( 617-414-4534
Dr. Lance Laird ( 617-414-3660

Why should I sign up for a course in Medical Anthropology?
It has become well recognized in the U.S. that clinicians work in increasingly cross-cultural settings. Learning related knowledge and skills can enhance your ability to work across cultural differences. If you are interested in going into academic medicine, these courses also will give you the kind of training you’ll need to conduct qualitative studies, and to formulate strong cross-cultural research questions and methods.

The courses are listed as giving 3 credits, but I don’t want to pay for an extra credit. Can I take one of these courses for two credits?
Absolutely. The arrangement we have worked out with Graduate Medical Sciences (GMS) is that medical students can take any of our courses in the Medical Anthropology program as a 2-credit directed study, if they want. Students will all meet together, regardless of whether they are taking the course for 2, 3, or 4 credits, but their workload will be directly related to the number of credits they’re getting for the course.

If I’m a medical student, how do I register for classes in the Medical Anthropology program?
Go to the third floor of the Instructional Building. When you get out of the elevator, look to your left. You’ll see an exit sign. Opposite the sign, there’s a corridor into Graduate Medical Sciences.

You’ll go down the corridor to GMS. The main office is on your right. When you’re there, ask to speak with the Registrar, Ms. Millie Agosto. Explain that you want to cross register for one of our courses. Tell her that you’re a medical student, and that you want to take the course as a 2-credit directed study. She’ll give you the correct form, which you’ll bring to class and have the instructor sign.

Do be sure to let the instructor know ahead of time, though, that you’re interested, so that he or she knows how many students to plan for.

Any other questions?
Check in with one of the course faculty and we’ll be glad to respond to your questions.

Dr. Linda Barnes ( 617-414-4534
Dr. Lance Laird ( 617-414-3660