2014 Band Camp

BC2012Please see the schedule below for dates & times regarding the 2014 Boston University Marching Band Camp.  Students can bring their dorm room supplies directly to the BU Band Room, where they will be kept in secure storage during Band Camp.  Any members that cannot make it out on that date should contact us at bands@bu.edu.

We will return to campus on the morning of Wednesday, August 27th to move into the dorms.  (Student helpers will be available for this!)    This move-in date is before the regular move-in session on campus begins.


Here is the schedule for the week:

Wednesday, Aug. 20  &  Thursday, Aug. 21   (Pre-camp for Percussion, Color Guard, and Student Leaders)

12:00pm – Percussionists, Color Guard, Student Leaders, and KKPsi/TBS report to BU.  The BU Band Room (300 Babcock St., entrance on Ashford St. side) is open for members to move personal dorm room belongings into a secured area.  There is a large parking garage across the street, on the corner of Babcock and Ashford St, to unload in.   At 2pm, we leave for Tanglewood by bus.

Friday, Aug. 22   (Official start of Band Camp)

Between 12:00pm – 5:00pm:  All other students (non-leaders, non-percussionists, non-color guard) report to BU Band Room (300 Babcock St., entrance on Ashford St. side).  The Band Room is open for members to move personal dorm room belongings into a secured area.  There is a large parking garage across the street, on the corner of Babcock and Ashford St, to unload in.  During this time, members should also grab a bite to eat at one of the various local restaurants.

5:00pm  -  Welcome meeting at BU Band Room (300 Babcock St.), meet the staff and student leaders, load the bus.

6:30pm  -  Depart for Band Camp at Boston University ‘s Tanglewood Institute in Lenox , MA .

9:00pm  -  Arrive at Tanglewood.  Pizza and drinks provided.  Check-into rooms, get unpacked.

Saturday, Aug. 23

Band Camp begins

Tuesday, Aug. 26

Last day of Band Camp

Wednesday, Aug. 27

Depart Tanglewood in the morning for Boston University.  Spend the afternoon in Boston moving into the dorms.  Student helpers will be available.

Thursday, Aug. 28  &  Friday, Aug. 29 

A few light performances around campus to kick-off the school year (some are “Freshmen-optional” – visit our calendar online to see)

Sunday, August 31st

Morning “Matriculation Parade” on campus, then Freshmen go to Matriculation.

Tuesday, Sept. 2

First day of classes


At Tanglewood, the band will live and work together while getting the marching season started.  All transportation from Boston to Tanglewood and back will be provided.  Tanglewood is the summer home of both the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute.  It is a beautiful and expansive campus with large fields and facilities for our rehearsals, dorms to stay in, and a fully functional cafeteria.  All meals during Band Camp are provided.

After band camp, there will be ample time for band members to take care of personal business like buying books, setting up your room, exploring the campus, and more before classes begin on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014.

How to Best Prepare for Band Camp

2008 Band Camp

As the show music becomes available, we will upload it to our website’s secure area for you to listen to and download.  We will also add this year’s technique book and some stand-still pep tunes.  Downloading and learning your individual part will put the band weeks ahead of schedule, and will make for great rehearsals during September and October.  If you have trouble downloading the audio file or parts, please call the Band office (617-358-2263) and we will send you your parts and a MIDI recording of the show.

Packing for Band Camp

Here is what you will need to pack for the Tanglewood portion of band camp:

  • hat
  • sun block
  • sport shoes for rehearsal
  • flip flops /sandals for outside of rehearsal
  • shorts, pants, t-shirts and a sweatshirt
  • undergarments
  • light jacket (preferably rain resistant, just in case)
  • personal hygiene items (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, towel, flip-flops, etc.)
  • sheets or sleeping bag
  • pillow
  • instrument (Let the Band Office know if you need a BU instrument – bands@bu.edu)
  • insect repellent
  • instrument towel (to set your horn on during rehearsals)
  • cell phone & charger

Marching Band Fee

There is a non-refundable fee of $100 to hold your spot in the BU Marching Band (the fee is reduced for returning members – see the PDF “2014 Marching Band Registration Form” on Marching Band > Join! page).  This fee covers all meals for Band Camp, transportation for the season, a BU Band water bottle, a Marching Band t-shirt, music, etc.  In addition, if white marching shoes need to be purchased, they cost $35 and can be purchased through the Band.  There is also a $10 uniform dry cleaning fee for winds and percussion.  Please see your “2014 Marching Band Registration Form” on the Marching Band > Join! page for exact info.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.   (617-358-2263) or bands@bu.edu

We are planning for a fun and enjoyable season.  Thanks – we look forward to seeing you soon!!