2012 Show

Audio Clip – 2012 BU Winter Percussion Show

Composers and lyricists have long turned to the weather as a metaphor for life’s struggles, and with good reason.  We’ve all seen our share of ups and downs; blue skies and rainstorms; rays of bright sunshine and flashes of perilous lightning. A sudden surge of fortune makes us feel as if the sunny days will never end, while financial difficulties or interpersonal drama make us feel stalked by ominous clouds.

Boston University’s 2012 Production “Rain or Shine” opens with a typically sunny milestone, the start of a new relationship.  It’s a scene full of promise, but the blossoming romance is only a brief calm before the storm.  As the turbulent relationship unfolds, the warmth and tantalizing possibilities heralded by the familiar strains of “Summertime” give way to the dark clouds and “I can’t stand the rain”.  The storm grows darker as the ensemble explores excerpts of XXX’s “Tornado”.  the storm rages, threatening to rip the relationship at the seams with the disjointed madness of Liquid Tension Experiment’s “Acid Rain”.

Join us this season, and find out if the young lovers can weather the storm. Will they ultimately find themselves standing together in the bright sunshine, or will nature’s fury tear them apart and leave them bruised and shaken by the unpredictability of life?  Get ready to batten down the hatches.

We’re in for some nasty weather.