WEB FORM: Transition Advising Day – Wheelock College Orientation (Select Bands)

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January 4th, 2018


***Please complete this web form by Monday 1/22 at 11:59pm. (If you say YES, you are ON the roster!)


Boston University has merged with Wheelock College and we will be hosting a "Transition Advising Day" to give students a chance to get detailed information about campus life. We have been asked to play at the Welcome Session, much like for Winter Orientation. Once again, we are called upon to represent the spirit of Boston University and welcome the Wheelock College students into our community. Please come and perform!!


Date: Saturday, January 27
Location: Tsai Performance Center, Balcony
Dress: Pep Band uniform (red polo, black pants, any shoes)

Due to the unique nature of this gig, we will be relying on two bands ("Early Band" & "Late Band") to handle this gig. The band will be located in the balcony of Tsai and is only needed for the opening and closing of the gig. However, the whole session is very lengthy. To minimize the time commitment, we have devised a two band system. Please read below to understand call times and incentives.


7:30am - Early Band Call Time @ Balcony
8:20am - Perform fun tunes for the crowd as they enter
9:00am - Early Band Done
10:30am - Late Band Call Time @ Balcony
11:00am - Perform fun tunes as students leave the auditorium
12:00pm - Late Band Done


You will receive one point for playing in either one of these bands. However, if you choose to play in both, you will receive two points.
Additionally, we will be providing breakfast (at Tsai) and lunch (at Band Room) for all those participating.