WEB FORM: Alumni Help at 2017/2018 Winter Break Games

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December 8th, 2017

This web form is for Alumni only.


Alumni, we could use your help! As you can see on our Winter Break Rosters below, some games have only a limited number of undergrads who can make them. We would be thankful if you can step in and help fill-out the Pep Band!




Dress for all games is red BU Bands polo shirt from 2010-present, black pants, any shoes. You can borrow a polo shirt if needed (see below).


As a thank you for playing at any of these Winter Break games, we would like to take you out to dinner on Friday, Jan. 19 at 6:30pm (restaurant TBD). Dinner on us, drinks on you.


We value any help you can give! Please complete this web form ASAP so that we can pull materials for you if needed.

Thank you, and GO TERRIERS!!!

    Please wear your own black pants & any shoes.
  • Winter Break

  • This is a unique performance. Sign-on if you can!!
  • Please email bands@bu.edu with any questions. Thanks!