Frequently Asked Questions

What does 1.5 generation mean?
1.5 generation is a term used to describe individuals who immigrated to the United States during their childhood or adolescence.

Where will I be interviewed?
At Boston University in a confidential location.

What if English isn’t my strongest language?
Sorry, but we require fluency in English for participation in the AWARE study. Sessions will be held in English, and our therapists and interviewers only speak English as well.

Do I have to participate in both parts of the study?
No, after completing the initial survey you will be asked if you wish to be considered for the second portion of the study, the follow-up interview.

Will my responses be kept confidential?
Yes, protecting your privacy is our highest priority. Your name will not appear in any research publications and will not be associated with your answers.

What if I don’t feel comfortable answering the questions?
We realize that some of the questions are personal, but each one is important to our study. You do not have to answer any questions that you do not wish to answer and are free to stop at any time.

Will I be compensated for my participation?
Yes. The quantitative, computer-based portion of the study would pay $20, with an additional $4 for transportation costs. The optional qualitative portion would also pay $24, including transportation. If you would like more details on the methods of payment please inquire further by emailing

Why should I participate?
Asian-Americans are viewed as the “model minority,” and discussions of health conditions are stifled both within and outside of the community. This, combined with the fact that there is very little culturally-specific information about the health practices of Asian-American women, shows the necessity for more accessible information about health practices and conditions. Your participation in our study will help us gather more information about health practices and conditions in order to help protect future generations of Asian-American women.

What if both of my parents aren’t Asian?
Both your parents need to be Asian (Korean, Chinese, or Vietnamese) for participation in this study.