Autism Center of Excellence


Our primary mission is to advance scientific knowledge about language and social communication in people with ASD. The ACE supports two projects which collectively enhance our understanding of autism and language. The Brain Systems for Language study focuses on adolescents aged 14-21 using behavioral, brain, and cognitive measures. The goal of these studies is to understand the range of language abilities, particularly the brain systems that may explain why people with ASD have difficulties communicating with spoken language.  The Novel Language Intervention study includes children aged 6-10. This study is aimed at developing new interventions that target spoken language skills. The ACE studies are carried out at Boston University’s Center for Autism Research Excellence (CARE), and involve collaborators from neighboring universities. The ACE is funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Brain Systems for Language Novel Language Intervention
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adolescents and young adults with or without autism aged 14-21 For children aged 5-10