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From the West • Traveling East on the Massachusetts Turnpike, take the exit marked “Allston/Cambridge.” After paying the toll, follow signs to Cambridge (not Allston) until you come to the Charles River (do not cross river). There will be a light before the river and a hotel on your right. At light, turn right onto Storrow Drive, following signs to Boston. You will encounter a sign that reads “Boston University – Next 2 Exits.” Take the first of these exits (looks rather like a driveway) right after you go through an overpass. After exiting to the right, proceed up the short hill; turn right at stop sign onto Commonwealth Ave., then merge into the left lane. At the third light, make a U-turn, crossing over the trolley tracks (this will be your first legal opportunity to U-turn on Comm. Ave.). Travel on Commonwealth Ave. in the opposite direction, past the BU Bridge, several stores, and three tall high-rise dormitories (Warren Towers) with a City Convenience, Subway and Starbucks on the ground floor. Turn right immediately after the Starbucks, this is Hinsdale Rd. The parking garage, “Lot K” under Warren Towers, is immediately on your right.

From the South •  Travel north on I-93 (the Southeast Expressway), exit right and follow signs to Storrow Drive. Remain in middle lane, following signs to stay on Storrow Drive. From Storrow Drive, exit left at the Kenmore Square exit. Take the right-hand ramp, and at the first light, turn right onto Beacon Street. In Kenmore Square, stay on the right-hand side of Beacon and merge right onto Commonwealth Avenue. Once on Comm. Ave., stay left. Make a U-turn at Mountfort St. Turn right on Hinsdale St., located just after Warren Towers. The parking garage is immediately to your right.

From the North • Take I-93 South toward Boston. Just after crossing the river, take the exit marked Storrow Drive, following signs to remain on Storrow. Follow directions from Part B above for coming from the south.

Public Transportation • By T, take a Green Line “B” train to the Boston University East stop. Upon exiting the trolley, cross over the trolley tracks and Commonwealth Avenue, and walk down Cummington Street (the small, one-way street emptying onto Commonwealth at that intersection). After one block the road turns 90° to the left. Stay on the right-hand sidewalk. Enter the second set of glass doors and turn right. (This is a 1-minute walk from the T stop.) By bus, take any of the following bus routes to Kenmore Square: 8, 57, 60, 65, 8A. At Kenmore Square, board a westbound/outbound Green Line “B” train to Boston University East stop. Follow T directions above.

Garage Information • We have parking available in the Warren Towers Parking Garage, “Lot K”. The garage is on Hinsdale Street, a side street off of Commonwealth Avenue. There is not a visible street sign for Hinsdale on Comm. Ave., so look for Warren Towers on the right side of the street if you are driving towards Kenmore Square. This building has a City Convenience, Subway and Starbucks on the ground floor. Turn right at the corner after you pass Warren Towers and the Starbucks (this will put you on Hinsdale) and take an immediate right turn into the parking garage. Drive to the attendant’s booth. The parking attendant has a record of your visit and will let you park on the first floor. A member of our lab will be there to meet you and walk you to our lab. This parking garage is closed on the weekends.

Parking information at Boston University –

If coming for a visit on the weekend, there is available parking on the Granby Lot, 665 Commonwealth Avenue