IMFAR 2017 Posters

May 22nd, 2017

Three of CARE’s doctoral students and one Post-Doc presented posters of their research at the annual IMFAR conference, sponsored by the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR). IMFAR 2017 was in San Francisco, California this year.

IMFAR 2017 Poster Collage

Top left: Doctoral student, Mihaela Barokova presents research from the AppLES (Apps for Language Enhancement Study) project.

Top right: Doctoral student, Sophie Schwartz presents research from the CAPS (Child Auditory Processing Study) and ACE (Autism Center of Excellence) projects.

Bottom left: Post-Doc, Dr. Karen Chenausky presents research from the ACE (Autism Center of Excellence) project.

Bottom right: Doctoral student, Kayla Finch presents research from the CAPS (Child Auditory Processing Study) and the ISP (Infant Screening Project) projects.