2006 Total Solar Eclipse

  In March of 2006 my wife and I had the great pleasure of visiting Egypt for the total eclipse.  On the actual eclipse day (March 29) we ended up near the town of Al Salum, which is in the very northwest corner of Egypt near the Libyan border.  We must have had a pretty good site, as we were within about 100 yards of Egyptian President Hosny Mubarak and his family.

  I photographed the eclipse using a Canon 20D digital camera and a Canon EF 300mm L IS lens, sitting unguided on a Manfrotto tripod.  For approximately the first half of the eclipse I also used a Canon EF 1.4x II extender (yielding 420mm), which I then removed.  Those interested in the more technical aspects can check out the raw images with the EXIF information attached here.

 An interesting aspect of the eclipse was the corona prediction from SAIC, a member of our CISM community.  The prediction is on the left, on the right is one of my images scaled and rotated to match - I think they did pretty well.  I have not processed my image in any way to match theirs, although the match is pretty good; in any event the SAIC image is not intended to reproduce a white-light photograph - see their page for more details.

SAIC Prediction (link)
My Photo (1/25s)

  I am not an expert in processing eclipse images - I hope to learn with this set.  Here are a few of the nicer ones with simply some basic processing done on them.  Click the thumbnails to enlarge to full size.

Image 7705, 1/1600s, 420mm
Image 7710, 1/1250s, 420mm
Image 7712, 1/1000s, 420mm
Image 7714, 1/800s, 420mm
Image 7717, 1/500s, 420mm
Image 7719, 1/320s, 420mm
Image 7725, 1/125s, 420mm
Image 7733, 1/25s, 420mm
Image 7740, 1/3s, 420mm
Image 7742, 1/2s, 420mm
Image 7754, 1/8s, 300mm

Here's a link to a directory containing a few of the images in TIF format, for those who would like to see them untouched by my imperfect hands.  Please do not use my images without permission unless you are SAIC - since technically I used theirs without permission, they are welcome to use mine...

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