Croquet 2005

One of our social activities is the now more-than-annual croquet tournament, which takes place on the lawn behind our building.  Some play the american way, and some actually play with the 'real' rules and equipment.   Correct attire encouraged, but obviously not required.  This particular session took place on July 26, 2005.  (Click any thumbnail for an enlarged version.)

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Chia-Lin Huang


Tengfei Lin

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Chia-Lin and Tengfei again

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Chia-Lina and Tengfei 3

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Tengfei Lin

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Emily Mercer

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Carlos Martinis

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Ted Fritz

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Matt Owens

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Tim Guild

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Slava Merkin, Tim Guild,

Sarah McGregor and

Jeff Hughes ('real' players)

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Sarah McGregor

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Matt Owens

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Ted Fritz

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Ted Fritz 2

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Christina Pagel

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Christina Pagel 2