BU Department of Astronomy Senior Dinner, 16 April 2002, The "Castle"

Jeremy Coombs
Jeremy on his throne
Alex Fayer, Sarah Alves, and Prof. Jeffrey Hughes
Profs Ted Fritz and Meers Oppenheim and Jeremy Coombs and Alex Fayer
Prof. Supriya Chakrabart, Maria O'Connell, James Imonti, and Prof. Michael Mendillo
Prof. Tom Bania, Ryan Chaves, Jack Wilson, and Prof. Ken Brecher
Sarah Alves, Ryan Duguay, Prof. Jeffrey Hughes, and Prof. Tereasa Brainerd
Duguay, Fayer, Wilson, Imonti, Chaves, Alves, Coombs
Department of Astronomy Class of 2002!
Ryan Duguay, Alex Fayer, Jack Wilson, James Imonti, Ryan Chaves, Sarah Alves, Jeremy Coombs