Welcome Admitted Students

Dear students admitted to the Class of 2024: Welcome!

Although coronavirus prevents us from meeting you in person right now, we would still like to connect with you (virtually!), let you know a bit about our Astronomy Department and to meet some of our wonderful faculty and students who are engaged in discovering the secrets of the universe.

Feel free to sample the Chair’s welcome video, look at some of the pictures in the picture album, enjoy the faculty welcomes and videos, and if you want to learn more, just fill out the Contact Us form on this web site and we’ll get back to you to set up a convenient Skype or Zoom video meeting day and time.

Welcome Message
Welcome Message

<— Welcome video from
Professor Dan Clemens,
Astronomy Department Chair
(click on the picture to see the video)

Movie featuring BU students at the —>
PTO and Lowell Discovery Telescope (nee DCT).
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Videos featuring Astronomy Department Faculty Members:

Professor Catherine Espaillat:  The Birth of a Planet

Professor JJ Hermes: The Science Behind Leap Day

Professor Merav Opher: The Future and History of the Voyager Spacecraft


More stuff to be added to this page tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Dan Clemens, Professor and Chair, Astronomy Department, Boston University