Welcome Admitted Graduate Students

Dear admitted graduate students –

Sorry we can’t come to the door, right now, but we’re looking for our masks…

Welcome! Yes, we are still “open for business” though our enterprise is now on the internet for the time being. We are still actively teaching classes, undergraduate and graduate, and doing research, and even conducting new observational data at the PTO. Most of this is done using Zoom, which many of us learned quickly but have come to embrace fully.

Things have settled down for now and this semester looks to have found its equilibrium again. This bodes well for the university and for our department going forward. So, as you consider your options for graduate studies, I want to assure you we will still be here, still offering courses, and still actively performing cutting-edge astronomical research. And, when worries about the virus pass, we look forward to coming back to campus to restart the vibrant community activities that characterize our strong and resilient department.

We look forward to your joining us in the Fall, either virtually (if we are still practicing physical separation) or in person (when the virus is less of a danger). We are prepared for a regular semester either way and plan to offer the full suite of scheduled courses and seminars.

In the mean time, feel free to poke around the web pages here and on the PTO and other pages. We can also conduct chats via Skype or Zoom. Contact Professor Muirhead or leave a note on the Contact Us page on this website and we’ll get back to you.


Dan Clemens, Professor and Chair, Astronomy Department, Boston University