Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) – not offered in Summer 2018


Magnetic Fields on Planetary to Cosmic Scales


Much of the research in the BU Astronomy Department focuses on cosmic magnetic fields, ranging in size from magnetic fields on the Earth and individual exoplanets to vast clusters of galaxies. Many BU astronomers answer similar questions and use similar techniques, though at vastly different scales. Topics for student projects will expose undergraduate researchers to magnetic field phenomena in the universe, and include areas such as solar physics, auroral and ionospheric physics, and heliospheric science, as well as magnetic fields on stars, exoplanets, blazars, and clusters of galaxies.

A list of potential summer projects can be found at this link.


Application Information

The BU Astronomy and Space Physics REU program will be taking a break in Summer 2018.
Please check back next year!

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