Boston University at Lowell Observatory



Perkins Dome at Night

In 1998, Boston University and Lowell Observatory began a collaboration to operate and to develop instrumentation for the 72″ Perkins telescope at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. This collaboration allows Boston University faculty and students to use half of the Perkins telescope time through out the year. Two instruments have been developed and deployed as a result: Mimir and Prism. Both instruments can perform astronomical imaging, specroscopy, and polarimetery. Mimir operates at infrared wavelengths, and Prism at optical wavelengths.

Graduate and undergraduate students have taken an active role in this partnership: developing instrumentation here at BU as well as travelling to Flagstaff to perform research at the telescope.

Further information about Lowell observatory and its instrumentation can be found at the IAR web site (link) and the Lowell Observatory page (link).