Sigrid Close

Sigrid_Close Advisor: Meers Oppenheim
PhD Thesis: Theory and Analysis of Meteoroids Using High-Resolution Multi-Frequency Radar Data
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University

After obtaining a M.S. in Physics from UT Austin, Sigrid Close came to BU to pursue her Ph.D. in Astronomy as a Lincoln Scholar. She worked with Prof. Meers Oppenheim on the physics and observations of meteors. Upon completing her graduate work, Prof. Close was technical staff at Lincoln Labs, eventually moving on to become a Project Leader at Los Alamos National Lab, and ultimately obtaining a faculty position at Stanford. Prof. Close’s current research involves space weather detection and modeling for improved spacecraft designs, and advanced signal processing and electromagnetic wave interactions with plasma for ground-to-satellite communication systems. She is a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award, the Presidential Early Career Award, and the DoE Early Career Award. In addition, she has co-hosted “Known Universe” on the National Geographic Channel.

Why BU?

“I specifically wanted to work with Prof. Oppenheim – he was and is regarded as the world expert in meteor plasma physics and I wanted to solidify my theoretical knowledge in this area. I also was excited to become a part of the Center for Space Physics. BU’s multi-disciplinary approach – combining engineering and physics – to space research is crucial for its ongoing success.”