Monica Young, PhD ’10

Web Editor, Sky & Telescope

Advisor: Alan Marscher
PhD Research: Multiwavelength observations of quasar accretion.

“The department facilitated my outside collaborations, which was essential to my success.”

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Prof. Brian Walsh, PhD ’12

Associate Professor, Boston University

Advisor: Ted Fritz
PhD Research: Earth’s magnetospheric cusps and their role in heating charged particles using measurements from the Cluster mission.

“At Boston University I was fortunate to participate in cutting edge science as well as hands-on science education. These experiences were instrumental in shaping my interests and activities today.”

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Prof. Alberto Bolatto, PhD ’01

Associate Professor, University of Maryland

Advisor: James M. Jackson
PhD Research: The interstellar medium in low metallicity environments.

“The faculty at Boston University had an open doors policy and a personal level of engagement that is rarely seen.”

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Prof. Sigrid Close, PhD ’04

Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Advisor: Meers Oppenheim
PhD Research: Studying meteoroids using both observational data and physical theory.

“BU Astronomy’s multi-disciplinary approach, combining engineering and physics to space research, was an exciting opportunity for me.”

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