Past Lunch Talks

Fall 2015 Schedule
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
9/8 James O’Donoghue BU

Ground-based observations of Saturn and Jupiter

9/22 Sarah Sadavoy MPIA

From Clouds to Cores:  The Initial Conditions of Star Formation

9/29 Gregory Feiden Uppsala Univ. Starspots and their Influence on Stellar Structure
10/6 Elisabeth Newton CfA

The Fundamental Physical Properties of M Dwarfs in the Solar Neighborhood

10/13 Cancelled; see IAR Seminar Schedule
10/20 Francesca DeMeo CfA
10/27 Hotaka Shiokawa  CfA General Relativistic Hydrodynamic Simulation of Accretion Flow from a Stellar Tidal Disruption
11/10 Ben Montet CfA TBA
11/17 Olek Sadowski MIT TBA


Spring 2015 Schedule
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
2/10 Lars Kristensen (RESCHEDULED DUE TO WEATHER) CfA Shocks in low-mass protostars
2/24 Blakesley Burkhart CfA New Frontiers of Magnetized Turbulence in the Multiphase Interstellar Medium
3/3 Andrew Vanderburg CfA Characterizing K2 Planet Discoveries
3/17 Kevin Flaherty Wesleyan Constraining Turbulence in a Protoplanetary Disk with ALMA
3/24 Jerod Parrent CfA

Data Culture in the Supernova Community

3/31 Katherine Lee CfA
4/7 Lars Kristensen CfA Shocks in low-mass protostars
4/14 Chat Hull CfA From filaments, to cores, to…filaments?!  The role of magnetic fields in multi-scale, filamentary star formation
4/21 Ruth Angus Oxford Gyrochronology and asteroseismology with Kepler and K2
4/28 Francesca Civano Yale The AGN population as seen through the Chandra and NuSTAR surveys of the COSMOS field
5/5 Wilson Cauley Wesleyan Estimating the Magnetic Field Strength of the Hot Jupiter HD 189733b


Fall 2014 Schedule
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
8/12 Ken Chen UCSC The Cosmic Dawn – Physics of the First Luminous Objects
8/26 Markus Böttcher N-WU Polarization as a diagnostic of the emission processes in relativistic jets
9/23 Camille Avestruz Yale Testing Observations of Galaxy Cluster Outskirts with Cosmological Simulations
9/30 Victoria Grinberg MIT A High Energy View of Black Holes: Bringing Together Spectral, Timing, and Polarization Analysis
10/7 Michael Johnson CfA Polarimetry with the Event Horizon Telescope
10/14 Anna Barnacka CANCELED due to holiday. CfA Rescheduled 11/4
10/21 Stijn Wuyts MPE Massive Galaxy Growth since Cosmic Noon
11/4 Anna Barnacka CfA Resolving high energy emission of jets using strong gravitational lensing
11/11 Ian Stephens BU Uncovering the Link Between Magnetic Fields and Protostellar Disks/Outflows
11/18 Tao-Chung Ching NTHU Magnetic Field Structure of the Outflows in NGC1333 IRAS4A Protostellar Core
12/2 Nick Murphy CfA Magnetic Reconnection in Heliospheric, Laboratory, and Astrophysical Plasmas
12/9 Jason Curtis Penn St Ruprecht 147 – the oldest nearby star cluster
Spring 2014 Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
1/14 Ian Crossfield MPIA (Heidelberg) A Clearer View of Clouds on the Nearest Brown Dwarfs
Wednesday 1/29 Ian Stephens BU The Morphology of the Magnetic Field of HL Tau
Wednesday 2/5 (CANCELLED due to weather) Xuening Bai CfA Transport and Accretion Processes in Protoplanetary Disks: A New Paradigm
Wednesday 2/12 Andrew West BU Beginning a Discussion about Diversity in Astronomy and the role of BU Pre-MaP
2/18 Warren Skidmore Thirty Meter Telescope Thirty Meter Telescope: The Next Generation of Ground Based Optical/Infra Red Observatory
2/25 James Davenport University of Washington Spots and Flares: Detailed Studies of Magnetic Activity with Kepler
Wednesday 3/5 Jennifer Yee CfA Microlensing: Beyond Planet Detection
3/11 Spring Break
3/25 Kathy Reeves CfA Energy Transport and Conversion in Solar Eruptions
Wednesday 4/2 Xuening Bai CfA Transport and Accretion Processes in Protoplanetary Disks: A New Paradigm
4/8 Paul Green CfA Innocent Bystanders and Smoking Guns: the Dwarf Carbon Stars
4/22 Linda Watson CfA Star Formation in Nearby Late-Type Galaxies
Monday 5/5 Nicholas McConnell Institute for Astronomy Puzzles in Massive Galaxy Assembly


Fall 2013 Schedule
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Wednesday 9/11 Lynne Hillenbrand Caltech New, Newly Characterized, and Time Variable Young Stars
9/17 Robert Penna MIT Black Hole Disks and Jets: General Relativistic MHD Simulations
9/24 Lorenzo Sironi CfA Non-Thermal Particle Acceleration in Relativistic Magnetized Astrophysical Flows
10/1 Peter Williams CfA Magnetic Activity Past the Bottom of the Main Sequence
10/8 Mike McDonald MIT New Insights into Galaxy Cluster Evolution from the South Pole Telescope
Wednesday 10/16 Sarah Ballard University of Washington Exoplanet Validation by Asteroseismology
10/22 Jack Steiner CfA Measuring the Spins of Stellar-Mass Black Holes
Wednesday 10/30 Katja Poppenhaeger CfA Hot Jupiters and the rotational history of their host stars
11/5 Rusen Lu MIT Haystack Recent progress in (sub)mm-VLBI with the Event Horizon Telescope
11/12 Merav Opher BU The New Heliosphere
11/19 Melissa McClure University of Michigan Spatial Variation of Dust Evolution in Protoplanetary Disks