Rooms CAS 500/502

Rooms CAS 500/502

These rooms feature some unique capabilities.  CAS 500 was configured as an Access Grid Facility and can be used for conventional videoconferencing (instructions). These features were built to support the Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling.  (Training is required.) As a result of these installations, these rooms can also support some other features of more general use:

Laptop presentations:

Either room can be used for laptop presentations via the VGA connectors on the wall.  Presentations work best if your laptop is set to output 1024×768.  If anything looks ‘odd’ about the video, push the APA button on one of the remotes (the remotes are the same for the projectors), which will reset the scan rates appropriately.  There is always a remote in the lower cabinet in the far left corner of room 500.

In room 502, simply choose ‘laptop’ on the wall panel to view the output of the laptop (sometimes things get confused and you need to push this even if it is already lit).

In 500, ‘laptop’ must be selected in the equipment rack, which is locked; however, we try to encourage everyone who uses the room for other setups to return to this setting when they are done.    You should also check that the projector is set to ‘Input A’, and if not use the remote to change the input setting.  You can audio as well as video, but in room 500 the audio plays through the projector speaker which isn’t very loud.