Room Schedules

You should be able to access these calendars from within your BU Exchange account – either in Outlook or via the web interface.

The easiest way to request a room reservation is to simply include the room’s e-mail address as one of your Invited Attendees when you set up the appointment:

Meeting rooms:

  • – CAS 500
  • – CAS 514B
  • – CAS 413


  • – CAS 521
  • – CAS 606


  • – CAS 502

IS&T has a web page with more information about shared calendars here:

(Please note that our room calendars are accessed via shared calendars, not via the ‘Rooms’ button as described elsewhere on the IS&T web site.)

You can add any or all of the accounts to your Exchange calendar listings, the procedure is described on the IS&T page listed, but essentially you just click on ‘Open Calendar,’ then ‘Open Shared Calendar,’ and enter the e-mail address listed for the calendar you wish to add.

If you have any questions or trouble using our calendars, please contact David Bradford.