Graduate Advising


“A student in a Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS) PhD degree program is required to have an advisor who is a member of the faculty in the student’s department or program. If an advisor is not assigned in advance of registration, the student should consult the Department Chair/Program Director or Director of Graduate Studies about assignment procedures. The First Reader of the candidate’s dissertation committee will normally be the student’s advisor once he/she has begun the dissertation stage of their degree.” — GRS Bulletin

In the Astronomy Department, a graduate student traditionally has two advisors: the Director of Graduate Studies serves as the academic advisor for all students, and their research supervisor serves as advisor for research activities and dissertation work.

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Please note: Students with prior graduate work may be able to transfer course credits. See the GRS Transfer of Credits policy for more details. Transfer of credit is at the discretion of the department.

Students who enrolled prior to the Fall of 2015 are covered by the rules applicable at the time of their enrollment.