Tuesday Lunch

Tuesday Lunches are informal lunch talks typically held from 12:40 to 1:40 pm Tuesdays in room CAS 500. Please bring your own lunch and expect a ~45 minute talk with ~15 minutes for questions and discussion. Contact Bryce Croll (croll) or Marissa Vogt (mvogt) for more information or if you are interested in presenting your research. Past lunch talks can be found here.


Spring 2016 Schedule
Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Jan. 26th Liang Yu MIT

Tests of the planetary hypothesis for PTFO 8-8695b

Feb. 9th Ian Czekala CfA Using Protoplanetary Disks to Weigh the Youngest Stars and Constrain The Earliest Stages of Stellar Evolution
March 1st Brendan Griffen MIT

There’s no place like home: the assembly history of Milky Way-sized halos, from z = 100 to 0.

March 15th Lauren Woolsey CfA Magnetic influences on the solar wind: Turbulent heating in open flux tubes.
March 22nd Meredith MacGregor CfA Millimeter Studies of Nearby Debris Disks.
March 29th Greg Dooley MIT Tidal Stripping with Self-Interacting Dark Matter.
April 5th Professor Cesare Barbieri University of Padua From Giotto to Rosetta: 30 years of cometary science from Space
April 12th Aaron Ewall-Wice MIT Illuminating the First X-ray sources with Low Frequency Radio Observations.
April 19th Philip Rosenfield CfA Constraining the Mass Loss and Lifetimes of Low Metallicity Thermally Pulsing AGB Stars
April 26th Marta Bryan CalTech Lurking in the Shadows: Long Period Gas Giants as Tracers of Planet Formation
Wednesday, May 4th
@ 11:30 a.m.
Steve Longmore
Liverpool John Moores University The Galactic Centre: a template for understanding star formation and feedback in a high-pressure environment
Tuesday, May 10th Julie Skinner BU Activity and Kinematics of Solar Neighborhood White Dwarf-M Dwarf Binaries
Monday May 16th Avi Shporer CalTech Science with orbital phase curves in the space age