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The American Schools of Oriental Research, the world's premier society for Near Eastern archaeology announces the launch of an exciting new quarterly webinar series.

ASOR has created a new, free membership category for archaeology enthusiasts—Friends of ASOR. As a Friend of ASOR, you will have access to some exclusive benefits:

  • You will receive the monthly e-newsletter, The Ancient Near East Today, for FREE
  • You will have access to the Friends of ASOR Resources Pages
  • You can participate in ASOR’s new quarterly webinar program—"The Archaeology of the Holy Lands" (all webinars will be co-moderated by Profs. Carol and Eric Meyers from Duke University and will feature internationally reknowned panelists)


Sunday, January 12, 2014 at 2:00PM EDT: Jerusalem in the Time of David and SolomonClick Here to Purchase the Complete Lecture Series
            Jerusalem was the capital of a large monarchic state, as described in Click to Purchase the October Webinar Package the Hebrew Bible, in the tenth century BCE, right? Actually, not everyone accepts this. Experts interpret the archaeological data in conflicting ways. This webinar will explore the controversies swirling around the role of Jerusalem at the beginning of the monarchic era. It will consider the relationship of archaeological discoveries to the biblical narratives about the most famous biblical kings, David and Solomon. It will also take into account the nature of the Jebusite/Canaanite city that preceded Israelite rule. Each of the panelists will prepare and narrate an eight minute presentation and will participate in a concluding discussion involving questions from the audience. The moderators will introduce the subjects and participants and will guide the concluding discussion.

The panel of experts for this program include:

  • Jane Cahill West, City of David Archaeological Project
  • Jacob Wright, Emory University
  • Ronny Reich, Department of Archaeology, University of Haifa

Watch a preview for this webinar on ASORtv.


March 2014: Click Here to Purchase October LectureHellenism: How it Changed the Biblical World
            This webinar will explore the profound impact – on architecture and artifacts, literature, and religion – of the introduction of Greek language and culture to the East Mediterranean beginning in the late fourth century BCE.


Sunday, April 6, 2014 at 2:00pm: Israelite Origins: Who Were the Israelites and When Did they Arrive in the Holy Land?
            This webinar will examine the different theories of ancient Israel’s beginning as a people by comparing archaeological remains from the Late Bronze II/Iron I period and the narratives of conquest and settlement in the books of Joshua and Judges.


Sunday, July 13th, 2014 at 2:00pm: Qumran: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Do They Matter for Understanding Jesus?
            This webinar will consider how the huge number of scrolls and scroll fragments discovered at Qumran provide invaluable information about early Judaism and Christianity, and the Jewish followers of Jesus.


Sunday, October 12, 2014 at 2:00pm: Jerusalem: From Herod to Mohammed
            This webinar will look at the latest discoveries in Jerusalem as they pertain to early Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The discussion will involve consideration of the political aspects of the recovery of archaeological materials from these periods.


Join in the discussion! Here’s how:

Option 1: Sign Up for All 5 Webinars (Best Deal—Save 33%)
  • You will become a Friend of ASOR and receive The Ancient Near East Today e-newsletter for FREE
  • You will be registered for the complete 2014 webinar series (which includes four, one-hour programs) and receive the January webinar for FREE. That’s five webinars for only $99.95!
    • SAVE: This is more than a 33% discount from the single program price.
    • PLUS: This option includes a free registration for first-time attendees to ASOR’s November 2014 conference in San Diego, CA - a $175 value!
    • PLUS-PLUS: The first 100 people to sign up for this option will receive a $25 credit on any purchase from CARTA Jerusalem.
    • GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied after the first webinar, we will refund the unused portion of this package!
Option 2: Sign up for the January Webinar on Jerusalem for $29.95
  • You will become a Friend of ASOR and receive The Ancient Near East Today e-newsletter for FREE
  • For $29.95, you will be registered for the Webinar "Jerusalem in the Time of David and Solomon" to be held on January 12, 2014.
Option 3: Become a Friend of ASOR for FREE
  • You will receive the monthly e-newsletter, The Ancient Near East Today, for FREE.
  • You will have access to the Friends of ASOR Resource Pages for FREE.
  • You will be notified by email about upcoming webinars and other events as they are offered.

Don’t miss out … sign up today!


Dr. Tim Harrison with lion“I’m very excited about this new opportunity for the public at large to learn about the exciting developments and discoveries made by ASOR archaeologists in Israel, Jordan, Cyprus, Turkey, and other Near Eastern countries.” –Dr. Tim Harrison, President of ASOR





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