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Photo Gallery From ASOR Gala Honoring P. E. MacAllister

P.E. MacAllister served as ASOR Board Chair for 19 years and has been on the ASOR Board for more than 37 years. Almost 100 friends and family gathered at the Skyline Club in Indianapolis on April 20, 2013 to thank him for his leadership to ASOR as he transitions to Chairman Emeritus of the ASOR Board. The event also marked the public announcement of the establishment of the P.E. MacAllister Endowed Scholarship Fund for Archaeological Volunteers. The following is a photo gallery of images from the evening (all images are courtesy of Dimensions Photography who volunteered their services for the gala event.)


P. E. MacAllister addresses those assembled at the gala event:

P. E. MacAllister at gala event


Governor Pence addresses the P. E., the MacAllister Family, and the rest of the audience:

Governor Pence at MacAllister gala


The MacAllister Family:

MacAllister family at gala


ASOR Trustees Jim Strange and Stevan Dana visit during the reception:

Jim Strange and Steve Dana at the MacAllister gala event


ASOR Vice President Sharon Herbert, ASOR President Elect Susan Ackerman, and Archives Committee Co-Chair Rachel Hallote (From left to right) enjoy conversation during the meal:

audience at MacAllister gala


Chris MacAllister and a colleague visit during the reception:

audience at MacAllister gala


P.E. MacAllister with Debbie and Sheldon Fox:

P. E. and Debbie and Sheldon Fox at MacAllister gala


CAARI President Ray Ewing (left) visits with Meredith Dornemann (center) and Past ASOR Executive Director Rudy Dornemann (right):

audience at MacAllister gala


The Skyline Club provides an elegant venue with an amazing view:

table at MacAllister gala


Everything is ready for the guests:

table closeup at Skyline Club-- MacAllister gala


Past ASOR President Eric Meyers toasts P. E. and summarizes his history with ASOR:

Eric Meyers toast P. E. at gala event


Past ASOR President Joe Seger reads a poem honoring P.E.:

Joe Seger at MacAllister gala


P. E. MacAllister with Board Chair Elect B. W. Ruffner:

P.E. and B.W. at MacAllister gala


ASOR President Tim Harrison addresses the audience:

Tim Harrison at MacAllister gala


P. E. MacAllister with ASOR Executive Director Andy Vaughn:

Andy and P.E. at MacAllister gala


The panoramic view from the Skyline Club:

view from Skyline Club at MacAllister gala




Tabula Honorarium of Donors to the MacAllister Endowment

News Summary of MacAllister Gala Event

Remarks by Eric M. Meyers made at the MacAllister Gala Event

Mr. MacAllister's "An ASOR Valediction" Address to the ASOR Board of Trustees



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