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ASOR Mesopotamian Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions

Can the fellowship be used for research in the U.S.?

The Fellowship Committee prefers to fund applicants who will travel to the Middle East to perform their research in the field. The committee may, in rare cases, fund travel overseas to perform research in a European museum on Mesopotamian materials.

How long should the "statement of proposed research program" be in the application?

Most applicants use four to five double-spaced pages to describe their proposed research.

Can figures be included in the application?

Figures may be included in an emailed or mailed application. These can be added to the end of the application and left out of the five page limit on the text of the application. If you are emailing your application, please limit the number of large high-resolution images since these will make your Word document very large and potentially difficult to circulate to the Fellowship Committee.

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