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Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

2007 Annual Meeting

Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina

November 17th, 2007

PRESENT: Tim Harrison, President-elect, P.E. MacAllister, Chairman, Eric Meyers, President, Eric Cline, Vice President for Programs, Jeffrey Blakely, Interim Vice President for Publications, Terry Hofecker, Vice-President for Development, Joe Seger, Morag Kersel (guest; incoming co-VP for programs), Ann Killebrew, Vice President for Archaeological Research and Policy, Tammi Schneider, Vice President for Membership, Andy Vaughn, Executive Director, Sheldon Fox, Treasurer, Jim Strange, Secretary, Michael Homan (guest; incoming co-VP for programs), Orly Nelson.

ABSENT: Lawrence Geraty, Past President,

1.      Call to order by Chairman P.E. MacAllister at 10:33AM.

2.      BE IT RESOLVED that the Minutes of the September, 2007 Executive Committee be approved. Moved and seconded. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

a.       BE IT RESOLVED that the Executive Committee affirm Jeff Blakely as interim vice president for publications through May 1, 2008.  Moved and seconded. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

b.      Sheldon Fox, Treasurer, reports that the auditors have completed their audit and distributed a draft report. He called attention to an action of the Treasurer and Executive Director, namely, that capitalized book inventory was written off to the amount of $36,000.  The line item “Inventory and Capitalized costs” contains book inventory.  The deferred revenue for NEA increased compared to one year ago as of June 1, 2007. The Opportunity Fund is used to pay the publication cost of books and is not available for operating expenses without the Board's approval. The three largest programs are the Annual Meeting, Archaeological & Policy Support, and Journals. About 28% of revenues are not designated to any particular programs.  Only two programs, Journals and Books, generate direct revenue to cover their costs. The Annual Meeting is funded by undesignated revenue.

BE IT RESOLVED to approve this report. Moved and seconded.  PASSED UNINANIMOUSLY.

BE IT RESOLVED that, Whereas, the Board of Trustees of ASOR has received and discussed a draft of the June 30, 2007 audited financial statements; and Whereas, the Statements of Financial Position in the audited financial statements reflect the amount of $178,032 of net assets at June 30, 2007 that are considered “Board Designated”; and Whereas, the designation of such amount of net assets means that such assets are not available to the organization for general operating purposes; Therefore, The Board of Trustees of ASOR hereby affirms that the following amount of net assets totaling $178,032 are appropriately considered “Board Designated” and thus, unavailable for the general operations of ASOR: first, the amount of $72,623, which represents the excess of the value of the organization’s endowment accounts, which are invested with Charles Schwab, and the Sequoia Fund in the amount of $375,042 over the amount which is permanently restricted by the terms of the donors in the amount of $302,419; and Second, the amount of $105,409, which represents funds set aside for publications in the organization's “Publications Opportunity Fund” which is invested with Vanguard.  PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


c.        BE IT RESOLVED (The Management Committee recommends formally) that ASOR will continue administrative oversight of the Annual Meeting and meet in the same town and on the same general dates as SBL.  Moreover, 1) The President and Executive Director (in consultation with the Committee for Programs) be empowered to explore opportunities to coordinate program sessions with SBL and to explore opportunities for access to SBL hotels and exhibits. 2) The President and Executive Committee be empowered to discuss with the three research centers their role in the Annual Meeting. 3) CAMP, in consultation with the President and Executive Director, be empowered to develop the best meeting plan possible.  Decisions will include program sessions and overall scheduling. This is a motion and a second from a standing committee. Unanimously Approved.

BE IT RESOLVED that, Whereas Eric Cline has served ASOR excellently and exceptionally as Vice-President for Programs, and Whereas, his superb talents have been recognized by the Executive Committee and by many others in the organization, the Executive Committee hereby recognizes and applauds Eric Cline’s service as Vice President. Moved by Tammi Schneider, seconded.  Passed unanimously.


3.      Jeff Blakely reports for CAP that the Officer’s Nominating Committee could not find a candidate for VP for Publications. Jeff Blakely’s view of ASOR is that ASOR’s sole purpose is to disseminate good archaeological and historical information.  CAP gathers information, and the Annual Meeting is where we disseminate information orally.  ASOR publications is the arm of dissemination in print or video form. We have six organs of information dissemination:  (1) Journal of Cuneiform Studies for a select group of scholars.  It is very important, but small. (2) BASOR is aimed at a wider audience of scholars.  The current editor has had a long tenure (15 years to date).  The production of BASOR is excellent, and he has a long queue of manuscripts.  (3) The Newsletter does not come out of publications, but should come from the President and Executive Director.  (4) The Annual is successfully producing books.  (5) Archaeological Reports Series is highly technical. (6) NEA is a popular outlet and has three co-editors. Jeff stressed that his view is that NEA is the interface with the lay public and is an important part of our publication future.  To make it successful it needs to be more professionally produced than it has been. It needs better staffing. It should presuppose college freshman reading level. We made a mistake when we took the name “biblical” out of the title, since we lost subscribers. Considerable discussion ensued. Blakely also brought the following motions from COP:

BE IT RESOLVED that journal Editors in consultation with the Vice President for Publications has the authority in exceptional cases to waive the requirement that Editorial Board Members be Professional Members of ASOR. Motion and a second from the COP.

SUBSTITUTE MOTION: BE IT RESOLVED that the journal editor of JCS in consultation with the Vice President for Publications has the authority in exceptional cases to waive the requirement that Editorial Board Members of JCS be Professional Members of ASOR.  In exceptional cases journal editors of basor and nea may request that the ASOR executive office raise money to pay for memberships of editorial board members. Moved as substitute motion.  Passed with one abstention.  The substitute motion Passed unanimously.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Publications Committee requests that the President and President-elect of ASOR inform a specific ASOR member in writing that it is an infringement of ASOR’s copyright to reproduce and distribute pdf copies of ASOR material and is subject to legal action. Moreover, a copy of the letter should be sent to this person’s academic administrator or Dean. Motion defeated with one Yea.

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Executive Director write a gentle letter to this specific member about this topic. Moved and Seconded. Passed Unanimously.

BE IT RESOLVED that COP recommends unanimously that Jim Weinstein serve another three year term as editor of BASOR, since his editorial appointment runs out in June. Passed Unanimously.

B. Discussion of the future direction of CAP—Ann Killebrew.  Ann suggests a standard form for vetting excavation proposals.  She suggests we revisit the policy that only American projects can be affiliated.  She suggests a synergy between CAP and COP. ASOR-affiliated projects should be helped to publish in ASOR-related publications.  We should use the web appropriately to help affiliate projects. If we can better define our grants and funds.

C. Draft travel policy for ASOR officers (submitted by Sheldon Fox and Andy Vaughn). The draft policy suggests that ASOR, if asked, may reimburse a portion of travel of the Executive Committee for travel to meetings. Fox and Vaughn requested feedback on this draft proposal and asked that no vote be taken at this time.

D. Discussion of support of ASOR officers from the central office: The Vice Presidents were encouraged to contact Tim Harrison and Andy Vaughn to tell them how the office can best support them. This is so that we can develop accurate staff jobs descriptions and so that the various program units can be best served.

E. BE IT RESOLVED that the unrestricted bequest from Jim Ross be placed into the endowment as an unrestricted gift. Moved by Tammi Schneider; seconded by Terry Hofecker. Passed unanimously.

F. Report from Officers:

1. Development—Terry Hofecker distributed and collected pledge forms to the Executive Committee members for a pledge payable before Dec 31, 2007.  The idea is to move payment for a pledge to the beginning of its time frame.

2. Membership—Tammi Schneider.

3. Programs—Eric Cline, suggested a procedure to make certain that Awards and Honors are not lost between the Committee and Boston.

4. Publications—Jeff Blakeley volunteered to answer all questions.

5. President—Eric Meyers, no report

Adjourn at 12:55 pm.