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American Schools of Oriental Research
Executive Committee Meeting
Holiday Inn Select
Indianapolis, IN
27April 2007


PRESENT: P.E. MacAllister, Chairman, Eric Meyers, President, Jeff Blakely, Eric Cline, Vice President for Programs, Orly Nelson, Chris Rollston, Interim Vice President for Publications, Tammi Schneider, Vice President for Membership, Joe Seger, Jim Strange, Secretary, Andy Vaughn, Interim Executive Director.

ABSENT: Larry Geraty, Past President, Sheldon Fox, Treasurer, Ann Killebrew, Interim Vice President for Development, Burt MacDonald, Vice President for Archaeological Research and Policy.

VISITOR: Carol Meyers.

  1. Call to Order by the Chairman, P.E. MacAllister.
  2. Approval of Agenda:

BE IT RESOLVED that the Agenda be approved with one tweak (Action item 4b inserted). PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

  1. Approval of Past Minutes

BE IT RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting of Nov. 2006 be accepted as submitted. APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Minutes of Feb 2007 be corrected as follows: item 10 Vice Presidents for the Committee for Archaeological Research and Policy and the Vice President for Development be appointed for July 1, 2007 for three years. Terms for PRESIDENT and the other two vice presidents will be Jan 1, 2008 through Dec 31, 2010. APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY as amended.

  1. Action Items
    1. Joe Seger and Eric Meyers, representing the ad hoc Nominating Committee, brought a recommendation that Andy Vaughn be appointed for a three-year term, continuing 2/3 time (Jan 1, 2008 to Dec 31, 2010). Andy excused himself for the discussion.


BE IT RESOLVED that Andy Vaughn be appointed Executive Director for a three-year term, continuing 2/3 time, Jan 1, 2008 to Dec 31, 2010. This comes as a motion and a second from the Management Committee. APPROVED UNANIMOUSLY. 

    1. BE IT RESOLVED that the terms for the Vice Presidents of the CARP and Development commence on July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2010. Moved by Joe Seger, seconded. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.
    1. Officer’s Nominating Committee—Jeff Blakely.  The Chair reported that the slate is planned to represent ASOR’s diversity.  An advertisement was taken out in the Newsletter and emails were sent to the membership.


BE IT RESOLVED that the Executive Committee affirms the need to reconsider the nomination procedure for the Officers’ Nominating Committee, namely to change and redefine it.  The standing procedure was that nominations went to the Boston office and were then to be transmitted to the committee, but this did not happen. Discussion included that nominees should be checked against their record of service in ASOR. The Manual is not updated. Moved by Jeff Blakley, seconded. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

It was suggested that Jeff Blakely, Andy Vaughn, and Tim Harrison consult with the new Vice Presidents to work together to develop job descriptions for officers.  P.E. MacAllister appointed this ad hoc committee to report to the September Executive Committee.

BE IT RESOLVED that P.E. MacAllister assume the duties of Major Donor Coordinator.  Moved and seconded by the Officers Nominating Committee. Moved by Jeff Blakley, seconded. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Executive Committee endorse the slate of Officers brought forth, to wit:

Tammi J. Schneider, VP for Membership for the period 1 January 2008 through 31 December 2010.

Ann Killebrew for VP for Archaeological Research and Policy for the period 1 July 2007 through 30 June 2010.

P.E. MacAllister for Major Donor Coordinator

Terry A. Hoefecker as VP for Development for the period 1 July 2007 through 30 June 2010.

Morag M. Kersel and Michael M. Homan, Co-Vice Presidents for program

Timothy P. Harrison, President for the period 1 Jan 2008 through 31 Dec 2010. Moved by Jeff Blakley, seconded.


BE IT RESOLVED that the Executive Committee express its appreciation for a job well done to the Officers Nominating Committee.  Moved by Eric Meyers, seconded. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY with approbation expressed by all.

    1. MEMBERSHIP REPORT—Tammy Schneider.

BE IT RESOLVED that the ASOR board affirms and clarifies its current policy on Membership with the following:  Professional membership is required for a person to serve as a section chair for the annual meeting, serve on an academic committee, or present a paper at the annual meeting.  A person who is enrolled as a student at an ASOR corporate member institution is exempted from this rule. This is a motion of the Executive Committee recommended to the Board of Trustees. This is a motion and a second from a standing committee. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

    1. Andy Vaughn pointed out that there are membership issues that need further study and overlap with COP, CAP, and membership. 

BE IT RESOLVED that the Chairman appoint an ad hoc committee to examine the membership and subscription issues, to determine whether memberships and subscriptions should be tied, what the rates should be for membership and sub memberships, and related issues, and the Committee be formed of Tammi Schneider, Andy Vaughn, Ann Killebrew, Eric Cline, and one other member of COP.  They will report by November to the Management Committee.  Tammi Schneider moved; Orly Nelson seconded. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY. Orly Nelson volunteered to be an at-large committee member.

    1. FY 08 Budget. Andy Vaughn presented the budget in the absence of Sheldon Fox. He showed that ASOR is in a better financial position than last year, but that we still need to receive donations to make up the shortfall.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Executive committee accept the report. Moved by Jim Strange; seconded by Jeff Blakely. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

    1. Chris Rollston reported on a suggestion to raise the subscription rate for BASOR to $100 for non-members in hopes that the increase would result in new memberships rather than subscriptions.  There may be no net financial gain, as some would not renew. It was suggested that this issue be factored into the charge to the ad hoc committee chaired by Tammi Schneider in item e. above. The Chairman ordered that this issue be referred to the ad hoc committee to examine membership and subscription issues.
    1. Cross-borders conference in Boston.”  Andy brought the suggestion that the Chair and President appoint Sten Labianca and Andy Vaughn to co-chair an ad hoc committee

be it resolved that ASOR explore a venue or venues for a conference on research and publication of materials from politically contested areas. Membership of the committee will be drawn from current and in-coming vice-presidents and others. Management has endorsed this proposal.  Sten LaBianca and Andy Vaughn will co-chair. It was noted that CAP may be addressing this issue at its retreat. It may also be an issue for the unprovenanced texts committee. A question was raised whether the ASOR office can absorb the work for such a conference, and should this not be highlighted at the Annual Meeting, perhaps as the President’s Forum. Moved by Orly Nelson; seconded by Tammi Schneider.  PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

    1. Administrative Recovery Fee:

be it resolved that ASOR charge a 5% administrative recovery fee for funds that are passed through ASOR. Further, asor will receive interest (if any) while the funds are held by asor. The percentage charged for grants will be governed by the guidelines of the agency awarding the grant. This resolution only applies to new funds coming into asor. This is a motion and second from the management committee. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

j. The Arad Excavation Project—Co-directed by Andy Vaughn and Zvi Lederman.  Andy Vaughn proposed that asor will be a consortium member without obligation to pay consortium fees or other expense. The Excavation Project will be sponsored by Tel Aviv University. It is understood that Vaughn and Lederman are currently in the process of applying for a permit, and they will also apply for CARP affiliation when those applications are next considered. It is further understood that ASOR will receive an overhead administrative recovery fee for all funds that are passed through ASOR. The Executive Committee responded that it wishes to encourage the Executive Director in his research and publication activities (including active participation in field work). EC stated that it could not vote on this item until the project to applied for affiliation with CARP.

  1. a. Membership Initiatives—Tammi Schneider (Report distributed). 

be it resolved that the Executive Committee endorse and empower the Vice president for membership to reconstitute or form these subcommittees: Institutional, Professional, Contributing and Heritage.  The Vice President for Development will be consulted. Eric Meyers moved; Rollston seconded. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

b. Andy Vaughn reports that he is working with two scholars in Boston to form a reading group of professionals.

Items 6.-8. The Chairman, President, and Executive Director passed on their reports


9. Treasurer’s Report—Andy Vaughn in the absence of the treasurer highlighted items from the Treasurer's report.

10. Vice President reports:

      a. Publications—Chris Rollston:  BASOR will soon be caught up. Other journals are working hard to catch up. 

BE IT RESOLVED that, in the light of other committees undergoing reorganization, the Executive Committee charge Chris Rollston as Vice President for Publications to bring a proposal to the November Executive Committee meeting for a reconceptualization and reorganization of the committee. Moved by Eric Cline; seconded by Tammi Schneider. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

Chris Rollston asked whether this body is interested in reviving ASOR Books.  Altamira and other publishers are interested in partnering with us and will pay for production. The affiliation may net some money for ASOR.

BE IT RESOLVED that the Executive Committee enthusiastically endorses negotiations with publishers for ASOR book series. Moved by Tammi Schneider; seconded. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

b. PROGRAM—Eric Cline.  Eric reported that Sandra Scham wants to reconstitute the Honors and Awards Committee with new members. Tammi Schneider offered to sit ex officio on that committee because of the connection between membership and Honors and Awards. The Institutes abroad could forward their own nominees for their awardees. 

BE IT RESOLVED that the Executive Committee charges the Vice President for Programs to work with the Vice President for Membership and the Vice President for Development and the Chair of the Awards subcommittee to reconstitute and re-envision the Awards and Honors subcommittee. Moved by Tammi Schneider, second by Joe Seger. PASSED UNIMOUSLY.

d. Development Committee—Ann Killebrew.  One correction:  On page 2 change CARP to CAMP.

e. CARP (distributed)

11. Other Reports:

a. Investment committee—Andy Vaughn reports that the portfolio is more diversified.  We have increased our exposure in international funds, which have gone up in the past few months.

      b. Grants Committee—Joe Seger (distributed). The ad hoc committee developed guidelines for the various awards, publicized them in the newsletter, and received applications from the web site. A total of 65 awards were received in spite of the short lead time. A total of $34,500 was given in awards (note: subsequent gifts raised this figure to more than $36,000). The Executive Committee gave their congratulations to the Grants Committee as a serious and successful program.

      c. AIAR (no report)

      d. CAARI (no report)

      e. ACOR (no report)

12. Old Business--NONE

13. New Business--NONE

14. Announcements--NONE

15 Adjournment.

Respectfully Submitted,

James F. Strange, Secretary